So, a weird week. I won’t go into details of why, I know, I know, that’s annoying, but some of them really aren’t mine to share. I can say it’s been a pretty flat week and I’ve left it pondering myself. That happens sometimes, nothing ever seems to come of it. If only I could get somebody to walk with me, that would help. Alas.

In the end, I ate a bit of easter egg. Chocolate always tastes better when it’s egg shaped, I never quite worked out why but it does. And no I don’t celebrate easter, I just like chocolate eggs.

We had a little bit of time with the sofa on Tuesday so managed to catch up with Glee and House, but doubt we’ll get to sofa steal quite as much now, which is going to get a bit nasty. A lot of the time, money’s too tight, so we’ll watch some TV just to escape the room. Le sigh.

I’ve been playing my Rogue a little in Rift. Finding groups as a DPS is close to impossible most of the time, my Mage only seems to find groups when I’m not actually looking. This is why I’m partly happy that they’re introducing the LFG finder in patch 1.2, but in the same breath, I’m fully expecting DPS queues to be a matter of hours as it looks like it won’t be cross server. So I’ve been playing my Rogue. She’s a Ranger/Marksman, with Bard as her second role, and it’s so fun. I have a soft spot for hunter classes and this one fits so comfortably. I’ve got her to 26, but yesterday I didn’t feel much like playing Rift. I tried to find a group on my Mage but of course, I was looking, so nada.

I read for a bit instead. I’ve really been slacking the past week or two with my reading so getting through 100 odd pages yesterday was fantastic. Game of Thrones took.. 10 or 11 days to arrive from the day we ordered it, and it’s really spurred me on to finish Fool’s Errand. I could have put it down, but I’m enjoying it too much, and God knows when I’ll pick it back up again. So yeah, finishing Fool’s Errand which was failing to grip me but is so fantastically written I can’t not like it, might even say it’s a little better written than the Farseer trilogy, and then it’s Game of Thrones which I’ve been pining for. I’ve plonked it on the bedside table and seeeriously, *bounce* can’t wait to pick it up. I’ve read the first page which already sounds fantastic. Awesome writing, the patterns on new chapter pages are wonderfully fantasyesque, and despite the big “NOW AN HBO SERIES ON SKY ATLANTIC HD” sticker on the front, I’m in love with the cover. So that’s coming next.

I should have an In My Mailbox post on Monday, as I have a couple of books to mention, and pretty soon a Fool’s Errand review which might have slight spoilers for the Farseer trilogy but as usual, I’ll try to avoid spoilers where I can. At least for this book anyway. Aside from that, I’ve been struggling to blog. I don’t like to blog about my life too much, and everytime something comes up that I could get a post out about, I struggle to find the words and the post ends up discarded. I need to find a way to break through the apathy. Watch this space.