I have a problem. I love buying and reading books, but it’s not exactly the cheapest hobby. Sure I save money where I can. I don’t mind buying second hand so long as I can guarantee the book isn’t rotten and falling to pieces, and I won’t buy books at the regular retail price. If I buy my books brand new, I’ll tend to check a few websites and usually settle on Amazon, so I do save money, but even so it would be so much better if I used the local library a lot more.

Here’s the thing though: I won’t let myself. I used to borrow library books a lot, and there would always be late fees because I’m such a big procrastinator. “Oh I’ll do it tomorrow.” And then I forget, or I just don’t get around to it. My biggest fee ever was £16 from the central lending library in the city. I borrowed 2 or 3 books for my history coursework and kept forgetting to just go an renew them. I think I had them for about a year before I finally took them back.. paid off half of the fee and never went back in. I’m partly worried that they’ll demand the rest of my 4 year old late fee before I can borrow any more and honestly, sod that. I’m also worried that I’ll manage to rack up even more late fees – defeating the point of using the library in the first place. I know, I know. Just go in and renew them. The library is only a 10 minute walk, and I can drive, so I really have no excuse. But I know myself, so I won’t allow myself to use the library.

The other reason is that I really love owning books. There’s something nice about seeing the cover artwork, and the smells, and being able to flick through the pages as you read. It’s the same reason I haven’t got a Kindle yet ((Though I’m coming around on this one, slowly.)), and it’s a big reason why I don’t use the library. I love looking at my over-filled bookshelf and deciding what to read next and I don’t know.

I’m a bit weird really, but I won’t use libraries. I wish I did, if I avoided late fees I would save so much money, assuming they even have in what I might read, and I’d be able to browse which is always nice, maybe even talk to people in the library? God forbid!