I don’t know if any of you remember my Sunday Link Love posts back when I was the Lazy Sniper, but I decided to bring them back. This time on a Friday. So why Friday? Well, I decided to get it going today and it’s Friday, thus it will be a Friday feature. I plan that far ahead of time! I also wanted some alliteration in the title. Deal with it. Unless you have a better idea? Because I’m pretty renowned for sucking at naming stuff.

These posts are going to be a kind of weekly medley. I plan to post my screenshot of the week, do a little bit of catch up (without repeating myself, of course), and the main point in the posts, share a bit of link love. The point in this to share posts that I’ve enjoyed reading and share blogs that I feel deserve some recognition, and not just an embellishment on my blogroll because those guys are already linked twice ;). So without further ado.

Jae’s Screenshot of the Week

Apparently if you fly through the blue lady area of Storm Peaks while using Vial of the Sands, you swim through the air the same way Druids in flight form do. If you happen to have a passenger at the time, hilarity ensues.

I took this screenshot when Dan came to Zul’drak to help me kill Ragemane, who I managed to get to about half health before going all splat, and then the Zul’drak Ring of Blood. He collected a few flight plans for me, though I can’t remember what the heck we were doing in Storm Peaks now.. even so, it was funny.


Firstly, I have a handful of posts to share.

  • Disciplinary ActionStained Class: Fairly certain you’ll all have seen these by now, if not, go look. They are fantasmical!
  • I Like Pancakes – Darishea: Another arty type post. I love Traxy’s art style, there’s a lovely unique simplicity to it, and this latest one is no different.
  • Wowhead NewsA Guide to Collecting Tabards: This guide is so handy, especially as I’m levelling a Death Knight at the moment (I don’t really like tabards on my casters) who will be requiring a nice tabard collection eventually.
  • The ConsortiumDalaran Limited Supply Route: Okay, so I know some people don’t like the whole buy from vendor, sell on auction house for a profit market, but it can be worthwhile and this guide for Dalaran items is pretty good.

As I’ve been away for a while, I missed a few blogs. Some of these may have been around before I quit, some may have popped up while I was gone, but it is just a handful of the blogs I’ve recently added to my reader. Enjoy.

  • Elfi’s World: A nice fun read. Discovered when Rades tweeted that he had been interviewed there.
  • Flavor Text: I only found this one today actually via Pewter’s ‘follow friday’ this morning (despite already following Norm on twitter). I’m very unobservant, this was an instant addition to my reader.
  • Mortigan The Warlock: Because he came back just a little bit before I quit so I never really got the chance to say this, “Squeee!”
  • Player Vs Auction House: A gold blog with a twist – it isn’t smothered in ads and ebooks! I love reading gold blogs, but I can’t stand all of the money making ventures a lot of them seem to take. Guess that’s what readers are for but when I find a gold blog that not only gives good advice but is also clean, it really shines.
  • Foo’s WoW Musings: This is another gold blog with the exact same appeal to me. Both are well worth a look, they’re good with tips.

May your Friday be Rebecca Black-less… starting now.