Genre: Epic Fantasy

Spoilers for the Farseer trilogy in this review. If You haven’t read that yet, don’t read this review.

I struggled to find things to say about this book, but that doesn’t mean I think any less of it. Robin Hobb is probably the only author who manages to write a novel that can leave me thinking, “That was fantastic! So well written! But not very much seemed to happen.” That is the beauty of her books. They are so driven by the characters’ stories and the writing that the plot can be as slow as it wants, and the book will still be brilliant.

Fool’s Errand once again follows the perspective of FitzChivalry Farseer, 15 years on from the end of Assassin’s Quest. He has been living away from society in a cottage under the name ‘Tom Badgerlock’, with his bond wolf, Nighteyes and an abandoned boy called Hap, short for ‘Mishap’. It doesn’t take long before duty calls and he has to aid the Farseer crown once again. The characters are bright and interesting, as I’ve come to expect from Hobb, and there are hints of bigger things to come, which I can’t wait to see unfold in the next two books (which I’m very glad I picked up at Christmas).

I found this one a lot easier to read than the previous trilogy as not only does the writing seem improved, which isn’t something I expected to say, truth be told, but although it had its’ moments, Fool’s Errand was much less depressing than the Farseer trilogy was. It doesn’t feel like a fantasy story in the typical sense. There wasn’t a hell of a lot of action, and I don’t recall any real twists, yet it still excels as an epic fantasy.