The other day, my Death Knight did a little bit of questing in Scholazar Basin. I figured it could be worthwhile opening up the Frenzyheart/Oracle dailies while I still got experience for it. The trouble is, I’m a gorloc lover at heart so I always feel terrible doing any quests that sabotage the cute little things. As for Kalithe, well, I suppose that deep down she feels the same way, but sometimes she just goes into a kind of brainless blood lust, usually brought on by following orders. In her own words..

It all started with this silly woman telling me to go and get her the remains of some big cat. So, naturally, I found the big kitty and killed it. That was the beginning, see, suddenly these raccoon guys started shouting at me. Apparently I stole their kill or something, so then they told that me I had to be their new slave. Bit of a jump, to be honest, I was only following orders after all, but hey ho that’s unlife for you. Sometimes you get abandoned for a couple of years, and sometimes the guys sending you on quests don’t actually know best. I was curious about the raccoon men so I headed over to see what all the fuss was about.

Well these.. “Frenzyheart”, as they call themselves, are actually insane, and I would know. Nuts. First, they told me to go and poke some little monkeys in order to basically piss off the matriarch to bring her out into the open and kill her. I was a little iffy about that one but a kill is a kill. Then they had me killing a load of giant, flying insects. And next, they made me chase chickens around the place with a net! Chickens!! This is animal cruelty I swear, if I weren’t so against the organisation and perhaps cared a little more, I’d probably have contacted D.E.H.T.A about all of this.. But then again these raccoon men were still paying me.

After that craziness, I was told to ride a crocolisk over to the Mistwhisper village, or “big-tongue shrine” as they called it. I will admit, it was pretty damn cool riding a crocolisk around Scholazar Basin! But then they had me hunt a few of these gorlocs and sabotage their shrine.. This was the point where I really started to have my doubts about these raccoons, I mean.. poking baby monkeys is one thing, pushing it, but a thing nevertheless, but killing semi-intelligent and innocent beings? Highly uncool. But the thing is, once I get going I find it hard to stop – must be a side effect of losing my soul for a time.

Once that little morality issue was passed, I rode back to the Frenzyheart village to speak with the High Shaman and he wanted me to capture a gorloc for him so that he can.. hmm.. “make it tell him things”. Very dubious by this point, I came across an injured “big-tongue” just a little way away and just as I was about to pick the little guy up a crocolisk attacked. They might be cool to ride around on, but if you aren’t a particularly powerful creature they can be deadly. So I killed it. I tried to claim it as self defence but the raccoons still kicked me out. Oh well. The gorloc seemed to take pity on me as he led me back to their village. Well, being offered a place rather than told I’m their slave is a much better deal, so whilst I felt a bit uneasy collecting “shinies” for their shrine, they also had me killing big snakes which was much more within my comfort zone. For the record, they tried to get me to make peace with the High Shaman, they aren’t particularly fond of the hatred between the two groups, however he pretty much knocked me off the cliff. Lucky I was with Sparkles at the time so I didn’t fall too far, but the Frenzyheart tribe are seriously crazy.

See, then I started feeling bad. The gorlocs started getting angry that the “big dumb puppy-men” messed with their shrine, and um.. well.. *shifts a little* you already know that story. But I was able to make up for it by killing a bunch of the raccoons and steal back their treasure.. and by just not telling them that I had a hand in the events. The Oracle gorlocs are a peaceful tribe, but I simply can’t see that ending well.

Anyway, the next thing that happened really made me hunger for vengeance. I’ve never been so sad and angry… scratch that, I can’t really remember my entire life, and I’m quite often sad and angry. So I was very sad and very angry. I can understand a little cruelty, but torment really hits me, I can’t stand for that. See, the ‘Rainspeakers’ simply wanted me to go and tell the ‘Mosswalkers’, another tribe of gorlocs in the Basin, that they hadn’t visited the shrine in a while. Fair enough. But when we got there, me and Moodle, such a sight.. the undead had completely ravaged their village and were tormenting and disrespecting the near-dead gorlocs all over the place! I was distraught. You can imagine the state Moodle was in, even though he had suspected as much before we arrived, he hadn’t expected it to be the undead. I killed as many of the scourge as I could, and I tried to save the Mosswalkers, but most of them died right there, thinking that it was their fault for not visiting the shrine enough. Have you ever seen a Death Knight cry? That broke me. I had to get vengeance. This is exactly the kind of thing that absolutely sickens me.

Moodle, the wisest gorloc I have had the pleasure of meeting, told me that their leader probably resides within the fallen pillar but that he needed to go back and tell the High-Oracle what had happened. That was fine by me. Altruis the lich was tough, and he spoke big, but I managed to take him down on my own. There are times when vengeance is much sweeter when dealt by your own hand. One day I will return to the Oracle tribe, but in the meantime I have unfinished business with the Frenzyheart raccoons.