‘Ello 🙂 So it’s been pretty quiet around the menagerie the past couple of months, eh? Those of you who still follow me on twitter and over at The Rant Page will probably know by now that I resubbed to WoW, but don’t worry, The Rant Page will still be my main blog. The main details of my unsubbing from Rift and subsequent resubbing to WoW are in my post here, if you’d like to know, but I’m not going to be repeating myself because the TLDR of it is that I wasn’t having enough fun and decided to see what was going on in WoW, and honestly, is it really that important?

I wasn’t sure whether I should pop back over here and say hello while I’m playing, or whether I should leave it be and just let my WoW blog lie, but I don’t see the harm. So for now, I’m cleaning off the cobwebs. I’ve updated the links in my sidebar blogroll, and I’ve been trying to sort out my out of date plugins, but for some reason I have to do it all manually so it’s proved to be a struggle and some I just can’t update because the automatic updates won’t work and a fair few have gone premium. So.. if plugins are missing, it’s because I’m too lazy to find new ones to replace them and tough!

As for what brought me back, not only do I get to play with Mr Ryyu, the boy shaped one, and some other friends (even the ones I just chat to on Real ID from time to time), but there is more than enough to do. The thing that really turned my head, if I’m being honest, is the WoW Hunter class. I adore Hunters, and I really enjoyed Ranger/Marksman in Rift, it felt comfortable, but nothing feels to me quite like the WoW Hunter, so as I don’t have £30 lying around for Fae’s transfer, a new Fae is born on Vashj for the purposes of fun. She was going to be a Goblin but at the last minute turned into a Blood Elf. Well.. what do you know? Yes I’m terrible, shutup, I’m not even particularly in love with Blood Elves I just didn’t want to be short or hairy. We all know that Draenei are the superior race, after all 😉 *cough* But yes, I may blog a little about her antics. She’s already level 18 with a handful of rare pets.

Aside from Huntering, I’m also playing my Priest a fair bit. Though I say I missed the Hunter class, I’m not rerolling this time. Seithir is my main, and I doubt that will change. I have done and collected a heck of a lot on her and I will always be slightly attached. I’ve been gearing her up in heroics whilst farming Justice Points for my Hunter’s (and later on, Shaman’s) heirlooms. I don’t want to raid, and I don’t plan to or need to either. Zul’Gurub is awesome! Though not so fond of Zul’Aman.. that’s mostly because of bad memories of failed bear runs, scout-based wipes, and so on.. *shudder* I’ve been carrying on with my pet collection (which I have updated Warcraft Pets with, and I’m praying I find the money for a Cenarion Hatchling because I have wanted the baby hippogryph pet since I first saw it but no way I could afford a TCG card) and the odd auction, and last night finally got around to doing a chunk of Archaeology, I’m finally past 450! I also got the Vrykul Drinking Horn, which is .. interesting. I have been enjoying playing with friends, and Softthistle even came over, which is lovely!

I have been tidying my blogroll as well. I mentioned the sidebar blogroll, and I’ve gone through my main blogroll as well as my reader, removing blogs past, and updating urls. It’s nice to see so many of you are still going! (Yes, I still like exclamation marks and bracketed text). I am wondering though, as I’ve been away for 3 months and didn’t pay too close attention just before I’d quit the game, are there any new and/or awesome bloggers that you think I’ve missed? I don’t plan to add to the blogroll, but if they aren’t on there now, they aren’t in my reader, and I’d like them to be. Please leave links in the comments, or poke me on twitter, I will keep my eye on Akismet.

All in all, despite the immature and selfish behaviour you tend to find in this game, and I’m not sure how long for, I’m glad to be back. 🙂