We’d been saving the name Fae since I transferred Fae the first off to Terenas, just incase I ever brought her back and I really love the name. Dan held on to the name for me because I didn’t have a space, but I did have a Rogue I wasn’t sure about. It’s quite nice having Fae the Hunter on Vashj again, even if it isn’t the real Fae. I decided to make her a red haired Blood Elf (who looks scarily like my Rogue, the one on Argent Dawn, in Hunter gear) instead of a Goblin, which was my original plan, purely because I knew I’d feel more comfortable with her. My Warrior and Shaman are both Goblins so no worries, eh?

The first thing I did was sort out her heirlooms. I had the sword and a dagger lying around, so she got those. They were enchanted with Crusader so I switched them both to +15 agi. I sent her the leather shoulders and chest to start with until I can get the mail stuff, which I figure is worth getting because I can then use it on my Shaman too. So far I’ve managed to get the chest but I still need about 2k points for the shoulders. I grabbed the helm and cloak from the guild vendor, and farmed a few points which got me the bow, which I can use on my Warrior afterwards, and chest so far. I threw on a few enchants (+15 agility on weapon, 8 agility and 8 dodge on cloak, +3stats on chest because I can’t do +4, +2 damage scope on bow) and got her a guild invite (we’re level 22). That’s a 45% experience increase, plus with the bow and all of the awesome stats, I’m basically one-shotting everything in my path. I have never levelled so fast.. I went from level 8 to level 18 in just a few hours. It’s nuts! So basically, my pet is there to look pretty and be awesome in instances. At the moment I’m mostly using a cat because the buff they do is nice.

I’d already known I wanted to get her the rare fox from Loch Modan, and Dan had mentioned the polar bear in Dun Morogh which we’d gone and got for Fae the first when she was a lowbie Hunter, and he offered to dragon me off to get it again. I checked Petopia for any other pets I might like and spotted an awesome rare cat from Darkshore, Shadowclaw, and asked if we could pop off to get that too. He threatened to drop me on a random mountain when I started RPing on his back (Fae the second really doesn’t like dragon¬†turbulence), but you know, give a guy the evils and he wouldn’t dare. The polar bear is named Patrick after my beloved, giant cuddly polar bear that lives on the bed. The cat is named Shadow, just because it was originally called Shadowclaw so, why not. And the fox is called Sashi, as I realised I’m not using the name for a pet any more and it’s a lovely name.

So last night I decided to level a bit more, to catch up with Dan’s Goblin, and I got 21 to 27 (very close to 28) in a couple of hours. Started off by heading to Hillsbrad. There are some nice rewards there if you do a fair chunk of the zone, however, I also decided I might as well instance. The trouble with instancing is how much experience it gives, especially if you haven’t done the quests, and I wasn’t sure I wanted to skip past every questing zone I start. Each one is giving me one or two levels. I headed off anyway after getting my mining up to Tin level and some of it was nuts.

There was the SFK run that was just the last boss and we almost wiped on him but the dps was high enough, thing is, the Rogue (who at the beginning was spamming ‘go’ on every line while we waited for the Warrior to catch up) then started demanding a res… from a Warrior and a Hunter.

Next I got a Stockades. This one actually managed to confuse me a bit. The healer was called “Nksgfdhsfslksnksk” or something to that effect and was afk-ish. The Rogue felt the need to announce, “this is a random” okay, congratulations? I never did work out why they said that. The Mage started pulling and calling the afk, apparently gold farming, healer a fag. I made some comeback about him pulling without the tank, and he replied about the fag name Fae. Yeah, okay, I’m also a Blood Elf. At least I’m not called ‘Borntbwild’.. The Warrior whispered me telling me not to help him kill, he was trying to get him killed. It took us 5 minutes to get started and then the healer didn’t have water and went oom a lot, and I realised the Mage and Warrior were in the same guild. We’ll just brush that one under the carpet..

I specificked (ok, I know that’s not really a word, but how the hell would you spell it?) an SFK to do my class quest and the instance quests, picked up the bracers from the [4th?] boss, oh and one of the cow Paladins was called Chezus. He totally got plus points. Hope he knows I was thinking of Glee’s ‘grilled cheesus’ when I complimented his name. After that I got a BFD in a random that had me flailing about because the tank wouldn’t stop pissing moving and I was trying to Steady Shot my focus back ._. However, we got the place done pretty swiftly and I did the first couple of quests in Northern Stranglethorn and then decided to give it a rest for the night. One of these days I’ll level her Engineering and give her more bank space, honest.

Perhaps she’ll get upto more interesting antics soon, who knows ūüėČ