On Sunday evening I finally finished Vashj’ir. It was the first place I went when Cataclysm finally arrived back in early December, purely to get Sea Legs and thus go and discover the entrance to Throne of Tides (so glad they scrapped that). I then tried to do the zone on my Paladin, and also on my Hunter, but to no avail. By this point I was pretty bored of the game and underwater naga based quests weren’t helping. I tried about a week ago to do it on my Priest, as it is the last zone she needs for Cataclysm Loremaster but still, no, because I’m now bored of her. Then I fell in love with my Death Knight and knowing that she could get some nice trinkets in Vashj’ir, that’s where I went, and I bloody loved it. Once I got to the places I hadn’t quested in before, it had that ‘first few days of a new expansion’ feeling again.

Once I got past the point my Paladin had got to, because she had quested the furthest out of everybody I’d tried taking to Vashj’ir, the zone became much better. It’s absolutely beautiful. And oh my God the music! The music in the ruins of Vashj’ir was simply haunting, it reminded me of Doctor Who if anything, and the music used in the last few quests was epic. My favourite part about the zone in the end was that despite the fact that you are this famous hero of Azeroth who single-handedly saved two demi-Gods from becoming corrupted, and they don’t let you forget that, is that in the end, you fail. What a fantastic way to end a zone and start an instance!

I took a hell of a lot of screenshots which I thought I would share rather than pointlessly clog up my screenshot folder. As this is a very screenshot heavy post, the rest is behind the cut. If you want to see bigger versions of the images, clicky clicky!

I found Lady G..La-La while I was riding around trying to get my seahorse mount. She has a move that forces you to dance for about 5 seconds while hitting you for between 1-3k. At this point I still hadn’t quite breached 20k health sooo I died a lot, and Dan came to help. Woot!

Double Whale Shark! All the way! And that fish wins.

I love the local wildlife in Vashj’ir.

The game of Whale Shark Chicken was finally over. Right after the post-screenshot screen freeze, I saw this large head slowly turn to the right. You’ve never seen a seahorse move so fast.

This, the Ruins of Vashj’ir, has to be my favourite part of Vashj’ir.

And he shall be my squishy. So purdy.

This is the smuggest totem you will ever see.

The control room of the submarine. Looked so cool.

And there were a hell of a lot more. My poor screenshot folder!