Honestly guys, this is one of those weeks that has simply passed me by. I start browsing the internet and then “Whoops! Where did the day go?”

Earlier in the week I played my Hunter a fair bit. I’d decided that while she’s still Alliance, I should get Old Ironjaw to save messing around in Ironforge when she’s Horde. I installed Fishing Buddy, configured it and off I went. It took me about 150 casts and then I fancied a bit more fishing, as I’d also tried the STV fishing contest the same day and failed miserably to a Druid who fished in everybody’s pools *grumble*, so I had the fishing bug and went off to try and get a turtle. That didn’t last too long. I tried out Marksman in a couple of dungeons and it was okay but I found it a little frustrating after playing Survival, and I wasn’t completely feeling Survival either, so I tried Beastmastery and hooboy was that a good fit. I wanted something that would quickly kill things while levelling as opposed to waiting “patiently” for Aimed Shot to cast yet again, and this was just.. wow. I love it! Plus I can now use Loque’nahak (or BLUE GLOW KITTY as I affectionately call him) finally who I named Ailuros after a cat in my NaNoWriMo story. So that was some fun.

I also boosted Dan in Blackrock Spire to get us both the two pets and sod it, while we were there, some whelps died too. Kalithe has a title - yay!

And last night as Dan had finally got up to level 60 ish, I did a couple of instances with him on my Mage (that would be ‘Twylite’). I did mention this on twitter but you don’t all follow me there or catch everything I ever tweet, so I’m specced Arcane. I wanted a taste of how overpowered it is before it’s hit with the nerfbat (read: very). I think personally the fun in Mage is actually the utility rather than the playstyle. Having various survival cooldowns, buffs, dps cooldowns, Mirror Images, polymorph (I have an animal lottery macro for that), the ability to make free food, portals, that’s where the fun lies. The great damage is just icing. Anyway so there was this Rogue in the party. He’s doing about a third of my damage and obsessing over how Dan has 10k health on his level 64 tank and basically calling him sad for having 30 stam gems in his gear and such, and suddenly after the first boss tells me that I should go Frost. If there are two things I dislike, it is being called by my class (which he did but I let it slide because I still prefer ‘mage’ to ‘Twylite’), and being told what I “should” do. The guy was very difficult to understand and eventually asked if anybody speaks Swedish and spammed “hor” in party chat about twenty times before he was vote kicked and the Shaman informed us that it meant whore in Swedish.. Whether it did or not we don’t know or particularly care but yeah, he was rather odd. Thankfully the rest of the party was lovely. It was a shame Dan had to leave else we’d probably have done one or two more with those guys.

I’m still focusing on my Hunter though, despite the Maging, I just want her to be a Goblin already! I am quite glad that she already has the Midsummer pet and achievements because we’re going away on the 23rd til the 28th or 29th so we’ll miss a week of it, and probably the beginning of 4.2 as well. I’m not too worried about that though.

World of Ponycraft

Designing and sharing ponies on the pony creator (enjoy your new addiction!) became a bit of a thing on twitter last week and since then Norm has written a post over at Flavor Text which fantastically looks at the comparisons between our ingame characters, why a lot of us choose fanmade art, and the pony creator. Kamalia made a response post as well.

I also made my Blood Elf Death Knight, Kalithe:

I don’t want to make Fae as her Draenei self because I don’t want to get too attached to her before she goes Goblin, but trust me, she’s on her way to being short and green.

Screenshot of the Week

Somebody always has to get in the way of the perfect picture. Always.


Another handful of awesome posts!

And finally, a blog I came across this week that’s worth following:

  • Tome of the Ancient – A fun blog to read! I also happen to think that [they] are great with photoshop.

Happy Friday!