This week I have a little request. My posting is going to go downhill for a couple of weeks. This week we have the house to ourselves, which means some peace and quiet to get a bunch of reading done and catch up on tv, and next week we’re going away to visit people, chances are it’ll take me a little settling back in before I start posting properly in the third week, so I would like to ask for guest posts just to keep the ball rolling around here. The only kinds of posts I’m not really interested in are raiding and pvp type posts unless they are aimed at the more “casual” type of player, and stories (RP or not) are great, aside from that anything goes. They would be your posts with links back to you (if you have a URL to link back to). If you can donate any unwanted posts to the Menagerie I will love you forever and perhaps eventually return the favour if you like. And please spread the word if you can! I’d really really appreciate any help I can get.

The only thing really of note this week, aside from winning the fishing contest, is Fae’s Goblinification which has been a long time coming. I’ve always preferred the “pretty” races but I just have such a soft spot for Goblins. They’re so little! So Fae the Blood Elf turned Draenei Hunter is finally short and green with awesome hair and yay for the Swift Horde Wolf‘s return! I also ninja name-changed. I never did like Faesiala, so I changed it to Faelysia which was my original second choice ((after, of course, Fae, which I should get back when I transfer back to Vashj)) and to me, it looks a lot better. Doesn’t remind me of Tikka Masala any more (mmmm…).

And the obligatory “omg all of the achievements” screenshot after a faction change. (Click to embiggen)

World of Ponycraft

As promised, Fae the Goblin Hunter as a pony.

Screenshot of the Week

Dressing up in Karazhan.


Nngh. I’ve been bad this week. I realised yesterday that I’ve spent my blog reading time primarily on book blogs and entering contests for books (I won one, yay!) and that I hadn’t kept up with the WoW blogs like I usually do. I’ve tried to make up for it but sorry if I missed any awesome posts this week! Either way, these are all very interesting reads.

  • ManaliciousHow Playing My Alt Was Hurting My Raiding: Vid’s discussion on how to keep your head straight when you raid as one character but also play a few alts on the side.
  • Mortigan The Warlock – Made In China: Whilst I still don’t and never will agree with the practise of buying gold, Mortigan does raise a few good points about Chinese gold farming.
  • Priest With A CauseWhat if WOTLK had never happened?: Shintar’s exploration of what Cataclysm could be like without the introduction of game mechanics brought into the game during Wrath of the Lich King.
  • Pugnacious PriestThe Family that feasts together: A look at whether eating together ingame causes some kind of bond.

Happy Friday!