This is a meme started by the lovely Leila of Within Pages, the idea being to look at book related things and share our intitial thoughts, be they on a new release, a new read, an adaptation for tv/film, or anything that happens to be book related.

I was meaning to join in with Leila’s (or as I know her, Tarinae) new meme last week actually but I never got around to it. I do my own weekly post on a Friday at the Menagerie which is a pretty big time sink as I have to keep up with my reader pretty thoroughly each week which I usually leave until the last minute, go through my starred posts to choose a handful to share, as well as writing a bit about the past week and putting in screenshots and such, so I wasn’t too sure about doing a second Friday post over here as well because I don’t get a lot of time on Fridays but I do really like this idea. I might not get around to it every week, but I have something for this week at least.

In the past week, I discovered that John Cleese is in fact on twitter. Being the big Python fan that I am, I, of course, followed him and a couple of days later saw this:

“My darling Twatters, that tiniest of Pythons, Terry J, is publishing a book (yes, he can write), using a new and “exciting” on-line source so do offer him support (or clip around the ear) at now I must go and bring peace to the world, again.”

A new book by Terry Jones? Yes please! I followed the link and watched the video and it seems to be a children’s book of short stories about ‘evil machines’, such as the ‘truthful telephone’ and the ‘nice bomb’.. Okay, a nice bomb doesn’t sound so evil really but this book sounds brilliant and funny. It also sounds pretty expensive, “the beautifully stitched, bound and illustrated Hardback edition”, but so very wonderful. It’s due for release in November. I, for one, can’t wait. I don’t buy myself things around that time of year, but I’ll definitely get a copy after Christmas at the very least!

Has anything bookish caught your eye this week? Blog about it and share your posts on Within Pages! 😀