Last week, I tried my hand at the fishing contest in Stranglethorn (I’m out on Saturday afternoons so I can’t do the Northrend one). I lost to a Tauren fishing in everybody’s pools. This week, I tried again.

I grabbed myself the fish trinket, as I’m pretty happy with my Kal’uak fishing rod and being a fish is awesome, and shortly after I returned to the coast to try and fish me up a rare fish from the pools. Happily, I looted myself a Queenfish, which didn’t grant me another achievement, but it is the one that rewards you with the +5 fishing line ((which is basically a +fishing enchant for your favourite fishing rod)) when you hand it in at Booty Bay and that is the one I was after. Needless to say I came away pretty happy from Stranglethorn today.

Rewards & Winning

To win the contest, you need to fish 40 Speckled Tastyfish which can only be obtained from tastyfish pools which only spawn on the coast of Stranglethorn Vale for a 2 hour period starting at 2pm server time. When you go to hand in your 40 fish, you are given the choice of the following two rewards:

From the Tastyfish pools, there is also a rare chance to fish up one of the following rare fish. The first 3 listed can be handed in for certain rewards, which I’ve also listed.

These are all pretty rare to find but you can fish in the tastyfish pools for the entire 2 hours and they do respawn, so keep trying if you want any of the rare fish. You can also hand in 5 tastyfish (repeatable) for a couple of gold so if you don’t win or get spares do hand them into the Goblin it’s better than nothing.


Now, if you want to win the contest, I do have a few tips for you. First of all, you will want to stock up on Water Walking Elixirs (only if you don’t happen to be a Priest, Shaman, or Death Knight who have their own ways to water walk) because it can be very handy sometimes to be in the water when you’re trying to position your character properly. You might also want, though it’s not essential as you will be fishing in pools which only requires 1 fishing skill these days but it’s become a habit for me now, to make sure you have a couple of lures or your Weather Beaten Fishing Hat if you have one, though as I say, it’s not entirely necessary any more. I would also recommend installing Fishing Buddy (which I also linked in my last post as well) which is a very nice mod as it has options to let you double click cast, automatically put a lure on your rod if there isn’t one active, and it can also tells you the timers for the fishing contests and your progress towards your goal so you don’t have to keep checking your bags, plus other options. It’s not a necessity, but it certainly is a nice addition. Do make sure it’s working a little bit before the contest starts as mine wouldn’t do the double click casting when the tournament began today which led to my very speedily moving fishing onto my ‘‘ keybinding and hatting up. Even so, the timer was still working as you can see in my screenshot.


You’ll want to be tracking fish (very important) and start at the point shown in the image below. If you’re Horde, you’re safe to start a bit closer to the Hardwrench Hideaway but Alliance will definitely want to avoid the Goblin guards. Totally not speaking from experience here.. *grumble*.

And from there, travel up along this coast in the following direction, obviously fishing as you go.

I noticed that there were hardly any people fishing around here, it’s very possible that a lot of people start in the South because of a bug which has since been fixed (even if it hasn’t, you can still see the pools spawn) which leaves the North coast pretty open. I didn’t see another person fishing until I had about 35 fish, and the lack of competition really helps to give you a good head start. The pools also have a pretty good respawn time so it’s well worth fishing around here. You’ll want to start on a piece of coast that you have to yourself for a little bit, ideally. Also, people will fish in your pools. Be prepared for that. That’s it really. The moment you get 40 fish, hearth back to Booty Bay, talk to the Goblin in the middle, make sure you know which reward you want beforehand because sometimes you might only have a split second to hand it in before somebody else does and voila!

If you want any of the rewards for handing in the rare fish, it’s well worth heading back to the coast to keep fishing once you’ve handed in your 40 fish as you can of course only fish in these pools for 2 hours every week, so if you want them, keep fishing and remember to hand in any remaining tastyfish.

Good luck!