The idea behind In My Mailbox is to share any books you get your hands on, be they borrowed, bought, gifted, received for review, with your readers. I particularly like this meme because I’m often picking up books that don’t get read, at least for a while. It’s nice to spotlight them before they are shoved into some corner of my shelf to gather dust. Hosted by The Story Siren.

I’m trying a new format this week. I quite like vlogs and images, only, I don’t have a working webcam, and I can’t get microphones to work, so my vlogs would be highly unsuccessful.

I thought I’d try taking pictures of my books and just writing a little about them in the same way I already do. Let me know what you think in the comments, if you prefer the other format or this one. I do apologise for the crappy quality of the images, my old Nokia phone camera is still better than the old digital camera my dad nicked from me. And I probably should have closed the curtain.

This week, I went to The Works and I actually behaved myself.. *cough* Well I put a fair few books back!


Sense and Sensibility by Jane Austen | Goodreads

Personally, I Blame My Fairy Godmother by Claudia Carroll | Goodreads

The Iron King by Julie Kagawa | Goodreads

I went into town hoping to get myself cheap copies of Sense and Sensibility and The Hobbit. I couldn’t find The Hobbit, well, there was a nice illustrated version but that’s not really what I’m after, but I did find Sense and Sensibility at least. It is apparently the 200 year anniversary of the book this year so considering I haven’t read it yet, I thought it might be nice to finally do so. The Hobbit I’d like to do a reread of. I lost my copy after lending it to my nanny years ago so I need a new one, and preferably one I can write in, hence the need for a cheap copy.

Personally, I Blame My Fairy Godmother is a book that I have had on my wishlist for about a year because it sounds so funny but I never got around to buying it. I might read this one soonish, I’m in a bit of a chick lit mood at the moment.

I actually found The Iron King buried under the tables. That’s the great thing about The Works, it really does feel like a treasure hunt, and often the best books are found in stacks under the tables! I squeed (what exactly is the past tense of ‘squee’?) a little when I found this one and persuaded my friend’s girlfriend to get herself a copy as she said she enjoyed young adult novels. It’s a shame they didn’t have the rest of the series but it was nice to find the first one rather than the third for once.

Ill Wind by Rachel Caine | Goodreads

Heat Stroke by Rachel Caine | Goodreads

I picked up the fourth in this series upstairs, read the blurb and decided I had to have it. Thankfully, this is one of very few series that actually tells you which number in the series each book is, so I didn’t buy book four but I did find what I can only imagine is every book in the series, alongside the Morganville Vampires as well, on one of the tables downstairs so I bought one and two. I know I usually try to only buy book one but they’re so cheap! Besides, constantly reading firsts in a series and not being able to afford the rest is getting old. These ones are adult urban fantasy about a group of people who control the weather. They sound a bit different and I’m sure I don’t do them justice.

Jinx by Meg Cabot | Goodreads

Songs of the Dying Earth by multiple authors | Goodreads

I also found Songs of the Dying Earth underneath a table. There was a less tatty copy but that was £2.99 (I think) and not in the 3 for £5 offer so I went with Old Tatty instead. I’d heard of this one and also squeed (again with past tense) when I found it. I’ve been meaning to read more anthologies like this one, and this one looks particularly good with a bunch of authors I’ve never heard of but look forward to reading, as well as Dan Simmons, George R.R. Martin, and Neil Gaiman.

Jinx I don’t really have much to say about aside from it has a pretty cover, it was cheap, and I’ve heard good things about it.

I also found a ghosty/mystery book I can’t remember the name of, a couple of historical fiction novels with the same deal, Need, the entire (from the looks of it anyway) of both of Rachel Caine’s series, the Weather Wardens and the Morganville Vampire books too, oh and many others I didn’t even let myself pick up. See? I was good! They were all in the 3 for £5 offer except for Jinx I just took the stickers off the first three. £11 for 7 brand new books, not bad eh?

What did you get this week?