Okay, I’m here, I’m wrapping up. Promise! I wasn’t going to do a wrap-up and In My Mailbox on the same day but I don’t want to be a spoilsport so I’m wrapping up and I apologise if you get dé já vu (my accents are probably all wrong there, don’t mind me)!

So, Random Acts of Kindness. I haven’t been able to send anything out myself this month, though I was surprised, and also delighted, to receive a few especially in my first month.

My first was from Donna of Book Passion For Life. It is a used copy, or so she says – I can’t see any marks on it.

I love dystopian fiction and haven’t had a chance to dig into any of the modern stuff so this should be an interesting read. Thank you very much Donna!

My other was from Hanna (awesome name) from Booking in Heels. I actually found her on the RAK list when I first signed up and had decided to send her one when I could and a couple of weeks later I get an email from her basically saying the same thing. I’m not going to squee at you like I did in my IMM post earlier, but she sent me:

So I’ve been after The Hunger Games since sometime in June last year when I first signed up for Goodreads and saw just about every one of my friends reading the series. I saw it seemed to be a ‘must read’, checked it out and it sounded amazing. So that was an awesome gift and I wish I could pick it up right now but I have me some steampunk to read.

The Glass Books of the Dream Eaters is a recent discovery while I was making a steampunk wishlist for Discovering Steampunk. I adore adult fiction, and this one sounds like an absolutely perfect fit for me and my steampunk feature. I love the premise behind it and the cover is gorgeous. So thank you Hanna, you know how much I squeed (still wondering what the past tense of squee is) already!

I never expected to receive anything, so I was ecstatic and hopefully I’ll get time to read those soon. I’m really hoping to be able to send out one or two Random Acts of Kindess in August, fingers crossed!