Do you know what guys? I feel like a really bad read-a-thoner. Not because I didn’t read enough because hell, I did. I may have had a couple of ‘eh’ days but that’s just me, it happens. I’m bad because I didn’t get involved any where near enough. Sure I tweeted with the hashtag when I could and I was tracking the hashtag in TweetDeck even, and I commented on a couple of other blogger’s posts, other bloggers who I already follow and read a lot, and I entered a couple of the giveaways BUT surely the fun in a read-a-thon is to make new friends and find new blogs? And on that part, I have failed. I’m a bad blogger, I’m sowwee!

Anyway, my initial goal was to read roughly 3 books. That would have been 3 fairly quick to read books so around 200-350 page books. I finished Married With Zombies, which would have been around 190 pages, and then I read Flip This Zombie, part two of the same series, which was about 240 pages, and I got upto page 100ish in Eat Slay Love before Sunday ended, and that’s not taking into account the fun little character interview at the end of Married With Zombies and any acknowledgements (which I tend to read or at least skim read) because they can be interesting. So all in all I read roughly 530 pages. It could have been better, sure, I spent some time playing with Pottermore over the weekend (it’s hella fun, you guys) and we finally watched the first 2 hour episode of Camelot last night which is also pretty cool and tempting me to finally tuck into Le Morte D’Arthur, what do you think? Ha. Massive fucking book, seriously. But yeah. That’sa me.

I’m hoping to get my Married With Zombies review up tomorrow but I wouldn’t hold your breaths, it might be Wednesday or Thursday at this rate.