The idea behind In My Mailbox is to share any books you get your hands on, be they borrowed, bought, gifted, received for review, with your readers. I particularly like this meme because I’m often picking up books that don’t get read, at least for a while. It’s nice to spotlight them before they are shoved into some corner of my shelf to gather dust. Hosted by The Story Siren.

I didn’t technically break my book buying ban.. I didn’t do too badly for the first week though, right?

From the Charity Shop

Night World Bind-Up Volume Three by L.J. Smith | Goodreads

Okay so I was being good, ignoring all the awesome finds and trying to avoid going upstairs where everything’s boxed up waiting to go on the shelves and I usually find much awesome up there and then I started re-stickering the S’s (tedious job) and spotted this. Well.. these bind-ups are kinda high on my wishlist. Night World was the big thing when I was a kid and I never got around to reading them so when I discovered the bind-ups I decided it’s time to properly read them. So I had to grab this one for 50p but I was good! And yes, the Tesco sticker does annoy me a bit but eh, I have nails.

Bought for Myself

The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien | Goodreads

All right so before you judge this was the last thing from my pre-book-buying-ban basket from Amazon, and it was one of the second hand for a penny grabs so cost me £2.81. I’m hoping to do a re-read of this one at some point, not any time soon, but I wanted to own a copy so that when I do want to do it, it’s there. This one’s a little tatty too so I won’t mind jotting in it or whatever I have to do. I can’t remember anything about The Hobbit, really, so it’ll be nice to read the Middle Earth stuff again.

Received for Review

Flip This Zombie by Jesse Petersen | Goodreads

Eat Slay Love by Jesse Petersen | Goodreads

These turned up on Wednesday from Simon & Schuster and I wasn’t expecting them so I was pretty over the moon. This series has been on my wishlist for a while now and it sounds so awesome. I can’t wait to get Married With Zombies, which should turn up in a week or two, and dig in! That’s not some kind of weird zombie innuendo.. Just thought I should add that.

Deception by Lee Nichols | Goodreads

Leviathan by Scott Westerfield | Goodreads

Deception is the first book I’ve had from Bloomsbury and I hadn’t been expecting it either. The premise sounds intriguing, I haven’t read anything ghosty in years, but I’m a little tired of young adult paranormal romance which I’m afraid this basically is. Still, I will give it a read when I get time, after all I might be pleasantly surprised! I’m always willing to try something and I always appreciate firsts in a series.

Leviathan I had been expecting but I hadn’t been expecting a cover change! I love it. I usually prefer simplistic covers but I love it. It fits the story perfectly and caters to the right age group to boot. I’m already close to finishing this book, and it is my first steampunk, and it’s amazing. I adore Westerfield’s imagination. Thank you Simon & Schuster! The review will be up during ‘Discovering Steampunk’ in a couple of months time. Sorry the image is a bit crappy, I didn’t notice until I’d loaded it into the computer.

See, not bad at all! Nothing to do with the fact that I had no money 😉

What did you get this week?