Hey guys, I could really use a little help around here. I’m doing okay with my memes and reviews, but I always feel like it gets a little quiet through the week, and there is going to come the odd week when I don’t have a review to publish. Basically, I’m asking for guest posters.

Primarily, I’d love to have an extra person on board to help me out with reviews. All you need is an open mind when it comes to fiction, i.e. you prefer adult fiction but you’re cool with a little young adult from time to time, or whatever you’re comfortable with, and a love of speculative fiction and/or history. I would prefer a reader who reads mostly adult, but it’s not required. Equally, I would love somebody who reads a lot of fantasy, swords, sorcery, dragons, wizards, quests, that kinda thing, or somebody who adores historical fiction, but again, it’s not required, so long as you fit in with my own reading preferences in some way and would be willing to post one book review every one or two weeks, I would love to have you around. It would really take a load off if I had somebody awesome around, trust me! If you’re at all interested, or know somebody who might be, please please get in touch with any questions you might have. I will seriously love you for even offering.

Knowing that this may be a little bit of an unrealistic request at the moment, I’m also very open to guest posts. Reviews are great (speculative: fantasy, paranormal; chick lit; historical fiction; literary fiction; biography/memoir) if you’re willing to send any over, as are discussion posts (I’m awful at thinking up topics but anything goes, really), and if you have another idea, we can talk about it.

I do have an idea to get a regular-ish feature going for recommendations. I would call it: x Recommends: .. and all you’d have to do would be to recommend a book, maybe I’ve read and reviewed it, maybe I haven’t, it doesn’t matter, but just post the blurb or even better tell us a little about the book (minus spoilers) and why you recommend it. You can do one post, or several that I can post over a few weeks. I’m pretty open but I’d love some recommendations!

And finally, I’m also looking for guest posters for Discovering Steampunk. I need somebody who knows a fair bit about steampunk who could write me a couple of posts about steampunk. One to introduce steampunk, explain what it is and perhaps where it came from, and one to delve a little deeper, talk about what it has become as a genre and as a sub-culture. I’m a bit of a newbie to steampunk, I could write these myself but it would be much better if somebody who knows their stuff would be willing to help me out a little. I’m not expecting anything epic, just so long as the posts have the right information and are eloquent that is all I need. I’m also looking for artists and/or crafters who either specifically deal with steampunk, or occasionally dip in and out. It would be cool to have one or two come over and talk a little about their art/crafts and why they chose steampunk as a theme and let us know if they’re available for any commission work or where to buy prints or link to their stores or anything like that.

If you’re not able to help, but know of somebody who can, please send them my way, it will be really helping me out!

Thanks for reading 🙂