If you can call it that. I had a bit of trouble, see, towards the end of last year I started up a trial account, levelled a character to maybe level 4 and then stopped playing. I recently bought the trilogy from the Steam sale and started a new account because I couldn’t remember that one. Now I’m trying to attach it to my NCSoft master account and it’s not accepting my code so I contacted support. After a message telling me my first account’s login details which wasn’t in the slightest what I asked, I had to wait a week to be told:

You will need to visit the Guild Wars In-Game Store to integrate that game account onto your existing master account. Select an item as if you were going to purchase it, and go through the checkout process. During the course of this action, you will be asked if you would like to create a new NCsoft master account or add the game account to an NCsoft existing master account. Simply fill out the master account information and opt out of the purchase to avoid being charged. Your account will be integrated onto the NCsoft master account you specified during the checkout process!

And then spin around on my head 4 times whilst chanting? What the hell kind of company is this? I’m a little afraid for Guild Wars 2, which looks fantastic, if the company behind the game is like this.. O_O