On My Wishlist really does what it says on the tin. It’s a way for me to highlight books that I have my eye on which have made their way onto my wishlist but I can’t quite get my hands on them for the time being. I’m constantly adding to my wishlist so I doubt I’ll ever manage to buy and read everything on there but I can at least highlight a few. Started by Book Chick City.

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass (Vintage Classics) by Lewis Carroll

Genre: Classics – Fantasy

I’ve never read Alice in Wonderland. Never. I’ve seen the Disney movie, loved it, I was even one of the very few who loved the recent Tim Burton movie (I’m still under the impression that he can do no wrong), and I was browsing through editions on Goodreads and came across this cover. Isn’t it just deliciously elegant? I love a simple cover. Whilst I’d also love to own the Complete Works of Lewis Carroll (I think it’s Wordsworth who do very pretty editions of this kind of thing), I would adore to have this one on my shelf.

Graceling and Fire (The Seven Kingdoms) by Kristin Cashore

Genre: Fantasy

Again with the simple covers. We get the versions with the girl on the front in the UK, I believe. They’re okay, but I more often than not find portrait shot covers a little boring. Just look at that Graceling design! Simple but so pretty. Anyway, I keep spotting these books around and they have been on my wishlist for like a year now, it’s come to my attention that this series is precisely ‘my thing’ so bumping them up the ‘want’ list a little. Sounds like a fantastic series.

What’s on your wishlist this week? Read either of these?