This month the way Random Acts of Kindness works changed a little bit. Now, when somebody receives an RAK, the spreadsheet is updated to say so. This gives everybody on the list a fairer chance to receive something, which is nice. They also added a column for birthdays, which is also a fantastic idea.


So I received a copy of A Tale of Love and Darkness by Amos Oz. This is a Jewish memoir based on the author’s family’s escape from Israel, I believe, and it sounds like a very good read. Apparently it was on one of my wishlists which I’d forgotten about, which just goes to show why I have wishlists else I forget about great books like this, and also why I add little notes (usually), so that I can remember why I added them. Thank you to Birgit from The Book Garden for that one 🙂 I’m not sure when I’ll get chance to read it, but hopefully soonish.


I actually sent one out this month as well. Usually I’m too low on cash and after my mini-splurge (£10 is a splurge for me, yeah) in Asda I was worried I wouldn’t be able to send anything out yet again but I managed to, and as it was Hanna‘s birthday this month and she’s a wonderful blogger and all around great person to talk to, I had to send her something and as we’d talked about The Woman in Black by Susan Hill, I sent a Vintage Classics copy of that to her.

I do have a few people in mind for RAKs, and I’d love to pick somebody at random on the list as well, I just can’t afford to send them to everybody sadly and I really wish I could but I’m hoping to get around to a few people in time. So yeah, August was a great month and I will be signing up for September, as well. I’ll post my sign-up post thingy tomorrow hopefully.