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Q. Do you have a favorite series that you read over and over again? Tell us a bit about it and why you keep on revisiting it?

I don’t, actually. I’ve wanted to reread books when I’ve felt down or just been in an odd reading mood. Back when the last movie was released I spent a month wanting to reread Harry Potter. More recently I wanted to reread Maria V. Snyder’s Study series because I love it. But I haven’t actually reread anything in recent years because I don’t really have time. I’d love to, but I have so many awesome books I haven’t read before to get through and being such a slow reader, I really need to focus on those.

I would though. I know some people can be a little snobby about people who reread their books (I never quite understood that sentiment, by the way, you know you’ll like the book and why keep them otherwise?) and I’m definitely not one of them.

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Q. Reading Challenges:
Did you sign up for any this year? How has your progression been?

Actually yes! This and In My Mailbox are the two book bloggy things I started with. I didn’t want to give myself too much to focus on else I’d have gone for a few of the “read x amount of x-genre books in 2011” challenges, and I only read about 18 books last year so I didn’t see how I’d make it. However, I did plan to read more than 18 books so I jumped on The Book Vixen‘s ‘Outdo Yourself’ challenge. I originally planned to read 20 books this year thinking that would be a struggle but I’m upto 30 books in the past year now.

I also picked up, more recently, Full Steampunk Ahead from the Book Soulmates since that requires you read a minimum of 5 steampunk books and well, with my feature coming up of course I can make that. I’m on my fifth now, in fact, and loving it.

So I believe we can call that a success. 🙂 It’s all on my ‘challenges’ page.

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