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Q. What book that hasn’t been turned into a movie (yet) would you most like to see make it to the big screen, and who would you like cast as your favorite character?

I’m really not that bothered if my favourite books aren’t movies because they’re great books. I’m happy to watch the movies and I usually even enjoy them, but I wouldn’t be any worse off if they weren’t movies. Don’t get me wrong, I’m always interested to see how they turn out and I loved the Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter adaptations among others, I’m just not a big fan of movies and tv.

That being said, seeing that we have The Vampire Diaries and The Secret Circle, I’m very curious as to why they never adapted Night World. That was the big L.J. Smith, and young adult, thing when I was a kid so I’m pretty surprised it was never touched.

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Q. Banned Books:
How do you feel about the censorship of the freedom to read? Do you think the education system needs to be more strict on what children are exposed to in books?

I live in Britain where people where people can get a little overprotective of their kids, sure, but I’ve never really come across books or tv programs or anything like that being banned. Maybe the odd advert but some of those are put forward purely to be controversial. We’re a pretty free, and importantly, secular community here in the UK. People have religion and values, but they also have the freedom to choose. This is what I am used to and this is what I agree with.

So imagine my surprise to hear about parents and other folk wanting to ban certain books because of ‘innapropriate content’. Now that just doesn’t sit well with me, I’m sorry guys. I’m all for freedom of speech and these books carry messages with them that I believe it’s important for kids to learn. When I was a kid I read a lot of Point Horrors, Jacqueline Wilson, and watched Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I got scared, I learnt that life can suck in a variety of ways, and I learnt that with a good set of friends and family you can deal with it. I learnt that death and disease happens and it is beyond our control and I truly believe that I grew up better for it knowing these things. I think censoring these books only cripples a child’s/teen’s development as a well-rounded human being and the education systems job is to educate them.

Maybe it could be worth putting age ratings on books as they do with movies and DvDs, or even just a Parental Advisal stamp as they do with CDs, so that parents and teachers can make their own minds up, but I strongly feel that exposure is a good thing.

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