The idea behind In My Mailbox is to share any books you get your hands on, be they borrowed, bought, gifted, received for review, with your readers. I particularly like this meme because I’m often picking up books that don’t get read, at least for a while. It’s nice to spotlight them before they are shoved into some corner of my shelf to gather dust. Hosted by The Story Siren.

A nice quiet week this week. It’s quite nice when you have a monster of a to read pile. Planning to read 9 books this month, including the one I’m currently reading and I highly doubt I’ll succeed but can always try, goals are nice. I haven’t bothered with photos this week because Dan’s asleep, figured you wouldn’t mind for one book.

Won in Giveaways

Dead in the Family by Charlaine Harris | Goodreads

I won Joli’s Bout-of-Books international giveaway to win a book of your choosing up to the value of $15. After a little umming and aahing (because there is an awful lot on my wishlist at the moment) I decided a paperback copy of Dead in the Family would be my best choice (I much prefer reading them to hardbacks). As I have books 1-9 and I won book 11, I’ve been coveting book 10 for a long long time and I’m really glad I finally have them all there ready to read. And that arrived this week. I’m also glad it’s the US cover. I can’t stand the British tie-in covers and Dead in the Family‘s might actually be the worst. I know a lot of people don’t like the US covers, but I think there’s a little charm in them. One day I’d love to have the set in this style, when I can afford to import them all, haha.

For Review

Saving June by Hannah Harrington | Goodreads

From NetGalley. I think I must have sleep-requested this one because I don’t remember requesting it and I have pretty much banned myself from requesting while I catch up on my reading. It could be a good one though, I’ll hopefully get to it in the next.. god I don’t know, but hopefully soon!

What did you get this week? Please don’t leave more than one link in your comments! It gets picked up by my spam filter and is unnecessary. If you still do it when I’ve kindly asked not to, I will assume you’re only here to freely publicise your blog rather than network. 🙂