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This week I received a couple of giveaway winnings.

Won in Giveaways

Night World Bind-up Volume One by L.J. Smith | Goodreads

I’ll admit that this one was a little surprise. I found Goldilox and the Three Weres, thought it looked adorable and the content something I’d enjoy so I followed and a few days later I received an email telling me I’d won her giveaway for being the 50th follower. I didn’t know there was a giveaway, hense the nice surprise. That was a little while back now but that arrived this week. Thank you, Goldilox, I can’t wait to read the series finally, even if I am about 10 years late.

Evermore by Alison Noël | Goodreads

Blue Moon by Alison Noël | Goodreads

Shadowland by Alison Noël | Goodreads

These three, the first three in The Immortals series, I won from Emma from Book Angel Booktopia, a giveaway part of her Alison Noël week. I’ve been curious about them for a while but I always get distracted by other things, so I was pretty happy to win them because now I can actually give them a go. Thank you Emma!

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What did you get this week?