On My Wishlist really does what it says on the tin. It’s a way for me to highlight books that I have my eye on which have made their way onto my wishlist but I can’t quite get my hands on them for the time being. I’m constantly adding to my wishlist so I doubt I’ll ever manage to buy and read everything on there but I can at least highlight a few. Started by Book Chick City.

Sevenwaters by Juliet Marillier

Genre: Fantasy

I’ve had book one of this series, Daughter of the Forest, on my shelf for, god, maybe 8 years now. A friend recommended the then trilogy to me and so I bought the first book from Waterstones, I imagine, maybe Smiths. So I annoyingly own the gorgeous older cover of that one which is now out of print, and I do prefer the older covers for this series and could probably get two and three in that edition, but the newer ones aren’t published at all in that style so I’m not sure which to get in the end. But anyway, it’s a Celtic fantasy, perhaps with a little romance, I’m not sure, but I really think it’s about time I read the series as I’ve been meaning to for so long, so I’m coveting the rest of the series now.

Actually, do you know what these covers remind me of? A nice Tarot deck. Still not better than the older covers but I thought I should add that.