Author: Jesse Petersen
 Living with the Dead #3
Genre: Horror/Humour
Age Group: Adult
Publisher: Simon & Schuster
Pages: 261
First Published: 2011
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Received for review from Simon & Schuster.

Another quick spoiler warning. I don’t plan to put in any spoilers but as this is a review for the third book, I might briefly mention things that spoil the first two as relevant to this review. If you don’t want the first two spoiled, I’d avoid this review.

First sentence:
Have you ever felt like you were on a treadmill, but no matter how fast or far you ran, you never dropped those pesky last fifteen pounds?

A further month after the events of Flip This Zombie, Eat Slay Love details life after Dave’s zombie bite and subsequent cure. It worked. Dave is still in one piece, he’s just a little.. different. And people are starting to notice. In particular, one stalkerazzi reporter, Nicole, who they meet. She ends up being a little more useful than expected on their way to the Midwest Wall to share the cure with somebody who could do some good with it and of course, finally, safety.

Now that I’ve read the series up to date, I can happily say that the best thing about these books for me is how quick and easy to read they are. I read all three in about a week and I’m a pretty slow reader. They’re just fun little reads and it’s so easy to pick them up for half an hour inbetween other things, and because of that they have a great re-readability. And it’s very easy to immerse yourself while reading these, which isn’t as bad as it might sound considering it’s set during a zombie apocalypse because that’s generally what you look for in a good read, though I say that and a few days after I’d finished reading them I had a zombie dream. That was pretty scary, because unlike Sarah and Dave, I don’t kick ass!

Despite the same fantastically placed obstacles that we saw in the previous two novels, I didn’t feel like this story was quite fast paced enough for me, though it was a little better than Flip This Zombie in my honest opinion. There were new characters and tight, barely-escaped from situations, but it didn’t feel like the story was really moving along very much for most of the book. And I despise the McCray character. Not because of who he is (a drug-addled rockstar), but because I really don’t enjoy the American depiction of typical Brits. There was actually a part where he picked up a baseball bat and called it a cricket bat. Those two things are nothing alike! Cricket bats have a flat-ish surface, if he was going to confuse it with anything then perhaps a rounders bat but being a rockstar known in the US, I’d imagine he knows what a baseball bat is. Brits aren’t stupid, and if the idea was that his drug-addled brain couldn’t tell the difference, that wasn’t presented very well.

I found the story picked up a lot towards the end, however, and it finally went somewhere. In fact, Eat Slay Love definitely had the most gripping ending of any of the books in the series so far (I’m assuming Jesse is writing more, it was left open for a sequel), leaving you on the edge of your seat.

The little notes at the beginnings of chapters in Eat Slay Love read like advice from a self help book for the zombie apocalypse. These don’t quite beat the zombie marital advice from Married With Zombies but are nevertheless just as light-hearted and hinting at events to come in the chapter. It makes me wonder what other kinds of advice Jesse might give us – perhaps travel advice for the zombie connoisseur?

To read Eat Slay Love, you will really need to read Flip This Zombie first just so you know what the heck is going on from the get go. I wouldn’t recommend doing so but you could maybe get away with reading them without Married With Zombies, even so I would still recommend reading all three. Jesse Petersen is clearly a massive geek and for that I will love her eternally.

The Living with the Dead series in order:

1. Married With Zombies
2. Flip This Zombie
3. Eat Slay Love