Author: Jesse Petersen
 Living with the Dead #2
Genre: Horror/Humour
Age Group: Adult
Publisher: Simon & Schuster
Pages: 247
First Published: 2011
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Received for review from Simon & Schuster.

Just a quick spoiler warning. I don’t plan to put in any spoilers but as this is a review for the second book, I might briefly mention something from the first book but I promise I’ve been careful not to spoil anything too big. Except, you know, zombie apocalypse happened.

First sentence:
When the zombie plague struck, I was just an office schlub.

Flip This Zombie is set 3 months or so after Married With Zombies. That’s 3 months or so of zombie apocalypse and Sarah and Dave’s Zombiebuster’s Extermination, Inc business is booming. Sometimes literally. But lately they’ve been hearing strange reports from their clients and also the folk in the survivor camp nearby. Reports of bigger and slightly more intelligent zombies. Alongside these reports, they’ve been given an offer by a scientist to catch him some zombies and suddenly they have a lot on their plate.

Now, personally, I didn’t enjoy this book quite as much as the first, but that’s not to say it wasn’t as fun, I just noticed a lot of the same old zombie tropes and clichés and I found Robbie “The Kid” a strange little character, though coincidentally, oddly charming.

I did like the idea that the library becomes the happening place for entertainment once the apocalpyse has come along and there is no more electricity and nowhere particularly safe, and so books become the best form of entertainment and as such those books are not allowed to leave the library. I also liked the idea that Sarah covets shiny new weapons like new toys after just a few months of becoming acquainted with them as a necessity, seeing as BZ ((Before Zombie – which by the way, doesn’t have the same ring to it when you’re British: Bee Zed)) she had probably never even been near a gun let alone fired one. It’s little things like that, and the vague remnants of humanity that they come across in their day to day lives, that really make this book for me. That and the humour, of course. Without that light-hearted and sometimes a little dark (there are zombies, the humour has to get a little dark from time to time) humour, the Living with the Dead series wouldn’t have been quite the same.

Sarah and David’s characters have developed a lot in the few months that have passed since the apocalypse started and this is good. Where the bickering in the first book sometimes annoyed me, it’s nice to see it mostly gone here, though now we see Dave getting pissed off every time Sarah disagrees with him, and she doesn’t seem to have any objections about this. This bothers me a bit, especially when it gets to the, “Oh Dave, I should never have doubted you,” part. Grow a pair!

I did, however, appreciate that Jesse doesn’t spend 25% of the novel summing up the last one, which is a big pet peeve of mine as a reader. It’s not so bad when there is a gap between reading the books and the next being released, but reading them in a series it’s a pain, and it’s very unnecessary as long as the main things are mentioned, you don’t need it. So kudos for that, it made it much easier to read. But the big thing I love about Jesse’s style, however, is the constant turning of the story. She’ll throw in these great obstacles that the characters need to overcome or go around before the story can get boring and this keeps it going, keeps it fun and interesting, with new faces, places, and plots. Oh and the little pieces of zombie marital advice at the beginning of each chapter in Married With Zombies, in Flip This Zombie they read like business start-up advice for the zombie apocalypse.

All in all, though I wasn’t quite as fussed about this one as I was about Married With Zombies, it was still a fun read that made me smile and I would recommend reading Flip This Zombie if you plan to read Eat Slay Love. The latter definitely continues on from this one.

The Living with the Dead series in order:

1. Married With Zombies
2. Flip This Zombie
3. Eat Slay Love