In the real world I’m used to people mostly keeping their nasty thoughts to themselves because that is the known way to interact with human beings. It’s not cool to tell a random woman on the street that she shouldn’t be out wearing trousers and talking to men because her place is in the kitchen, in fact, you’d get into a heck of a lot of trouble for it ((understatement)). So why is it okay to talk to people like this in games? And it’s not just in World of Warcraft, though I see the massively antagonistic attitudes a lot more here ((but then again I don’t play Xbox Live, wouldn’t go near it)), you go anywhere near a raid pug, a battleground, or attempt to use friendliness in trade chat and you’re a noob/retard/insert other generic and pathetic insult here. Is it just a way for these folk to vent their prejudice frustrations because in the real world they’d never be able to get away with that kind of behaviour? Whatever it is, belittling people because you think it’s funny is uncool. It is bullying and I’m sure if there were proper figures around ((there probably are, aren’t there?)) these people wouldn’t believe how many have quit World of Warcraft and other such games because of that behaviour spoiling the fun for everybody else.

I for one get very tired of these antagonists. People who think it’s perfectly okay to talk aggressively to other people and make them feel like shit because they’re just characters on a screen, right? There’s no arguing with them because they’re too stupid to see reason and realise exactly what they’re doing and reporting them is a waste of time and effort. Sure, they might get a little ban but I’ve never seen anybody who had a ban for being a dick stop being a dick. It’s the internet. They’re anonymous. It’s going to happen.

But why do we nice folk have to just put up with it? The ignore feature only goes so far. It doesn’t take away from the fact that these people have ruined an instance run or perhaps even an evening. I don’t get a lot of the sexism aimed at me, thank god, because I don’t go around saying, “I’m a girl irl!” but I do often wonder if I’m just seen as “that guy’s girlfriend”, because that is a very real thing. I do, however, get a lot of the class stereotypes. When I was playing a Shadow Priest I was told that apparently all girls play a Priest or have a Priest. That made me feel a little uncomfortable. I was told the same thing when I played a Hunter because of the pets. Or from those who don’t know I’m a girl, “everyone plays a Hunter lol”. I decided that I was bored of those classes and their stereotypes and I started playing my Death Knight because I’ve really been enjoying it and perhaps a girl playing a melee gets less prejudice.. nope. The amount of hate you get for being a Death Knight is unreal. There are too many Death Knights, Death Knights are faceroll, Death Knights are bad, all Death Knights do this, all Death Knights do that.. I don’t know about you guys but I’m really tired of being seen as some kind of stereotype. Raise your hands if you agree with me.

Hi. I’m Jaedia. I play a Death Knight and unlike you I can play my class well enough to feel happy with myself as a player whilst being nice to people and coincidently enjoying the game a lot more than I would if I were a dick because I thought I was better than other people in a game. I also happen to be a girl which doesn’t affect how I play in the slightest. From the sound of it, I’m probably a lot happier than you are.