I know the awesomes amongst you will say, “Anything! We heart you!” *cough* ((Still don’t believe you but I’ll take your word for it!)) But I would genuinely like to know which of my posts you guys enjoy the most. I don’t have too much time to blog constantly.. I’m pretty busy with Once Upon A Time (my book blog) doing the memes, networking, reading, writing the reviews, and so on, but I actually got my interest in gaming back. Okay, not counting my little affair with Sims 3 because really, do you want to read about how my lesbian sims are fighting because one of them shaved her head and the kids are getting themselves off to school? Seriously think Dan must think I’m nuts when I’m playing that the kind of commentary he gets. But I got my interest in WoW back a little. I’ve been casually doing my auctions, I finally did Ulduar 25 on my Hunter and got the drake and the title, I’ve done a few instances, found a great spot to farm the Oozeling, and I started finally levelling my Warlock using the Real ID grouping thingy for the first time (hi Kev!). So yeah. Though I am working out what to do about the whole ‘who is my main?’ situation, because all of my achievements and collections are on my Priest and my Hunter, I don’t enjoy my Priest, my Hunter’s okay.. but I really enjoy my Death Knight and my Warlock who barely have anything and I’m not entirely cool with starting again and it feels kinda weird collecting achievements and pets on a character I don’t plan to play.

I don’t want to do a “and then I did this and then I got this achievement and then we all were like WOOT” kinda post. I could. But I don’t want to. Guides are great but so time consuming and I’m still not sure if there’s a working version of WoW Model Viewer these days? Plus they’re no fun if nobody reads them though, when I get around to replying to my emails (I got pretty bad at that recently) I might be able to remedy that. I’ve been having a pretty tough time so the lighter posts just aren’t in me. And then you get the great discussion posts, the ‘feminism in World of Warcraft’, and the ‘why 10 mans are better than 25 man raids’, the kind of things that people have opinions on and they become hot topics (sometimes) and the lovely folk at MMO Melting Pot link back to and people disagree and they’re fun and.. I don’t know if I have any of those.

So! I’m asking you guys, as you’re the ones who have to read it. Well you don’t I guess, but I’d really like it if you did else who else will? So you kinda do have to read it. Jus’ sayin’. What would you like to see here? What kinds of posts do you most enjoy from me? Anything I’ve mentioned, or anything I haven’t mentioned that you have in mind at all, posts you’ve enjoyed in the past, please leave them in the comments. I don’t bite! Unless you don’t leave comments then I might. If you have any prompts even better, I’m grateful for all the muse I can get because I’m pretty stumped and that’s why I’ve been so quiet over here recently.

PS. I have 2 blogs on the same server space. One will auto-update perfectly fine. The other just refuses to and I have to manually update everytime a plugin has a new update. This is a pain, any ideas how to fix it? Would reeeally appreciate help on that matter!