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Oh lookie! I managed to get a stash of colour-coded books yet again. I seem to be getting a lot of YA recently for somebody in an adult urban fantasy kind of mood.

From the Library

Marked by P.C. and Kristin Cast | Goodreads

Incarceron by Catherine Fisher | Goodreads

I couldn’t resist taking a nose in the library. I hadn’t popped in in a little while and wondered what they had in. I’d actually requested they get in Incarceron and ticked the option to be contacted by email when it’s in but I never heard a thing and there it was sitting on the shelf, pretty sure it may have been borrowed already as well. And Marked, because I refused a swap for the book on account of not being interested enough to pay for it but when it’s free? I’m cool to check that out. And it looked like they had the rest of the series too.


Night World Volume Two (Dark Angel, The Chosen, Soulmate) by L.J. Smith | Goodreads

Yeah okay, I was a little naughty but I really really wanted to buy myself something.. Stop judging me. I won a copy of volume one and found volume three for 50p in the charity shop so I wanted to get volume two so that it’s there when I’m in the mood and ready for it. I wanted this cover too. I’m not really fond of any of the bind-up covers but this edition isn’t so bad. Eventually I’d like this edition of volume three but that’s just my shelf vanity talking.

Won in Giveaways

Changeless by Gail Carriger | Goodreads

I won this one from The Wannabe Knight‘s Parasol Protectorate giveaway. I was pretty ecstatic about this one because I read Soulless for my steampunk feature and loved it but hadn’t picked up books two and three which were also in The Works when I bought that one so I was happy to get book two because it’s a great series and yay. Three to go! (That’s including book five being released very soon).


Crave by Melissa Darnell | Goodreads

A Touch of Power by Maria V. Snyder | Goodreads

Okay so I was naughty, again.. I told myself to stop requesting but Crave sounds fantastic and I couldn’t resist AND THEN I saw on twitter that Maria V. Snyder’s new book was on NetGalley? Win!! And being from Harlequin too I was accepted pretty fast. I’m seriously jealous of you guys in the US for Harlequin, they are utterly fantastic. I cannot wait to read these! And I’m finally reading my first book on the Kindle and it’s awesome, my only complaint is the background is a little too white and I’d love it to be just a little sepia toned but hey ho.

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What did you get this week?