There’s a pretty big sub-culture at cons and such based around steampunk and it can be absolutely awesome to browse image galleries of men in smart suits with top hats and goggles and ladies in gorgeous gowns or some kind of suit themselves depending on the look they’re going for and all sorts of things, but what about a plain old modern t-shirt? I also love looking at novelty t-shirts. I’ve bought one, ever, but I always eye them up and pick a few out I’d love to get my hands on. How about a few steampunk-styled favourites. (Click on the images to be taken to their sources if you’re interested)

Lacks Pinkie Pie and Rarity *sniff* but if I could own any novelty t-shirt in the world it would have to be this one. I love the My Little Pony art and hello?! Steampunk!

Probably the sexiest cartoon character in existence and only improved by the steampunk-stylings. I love it. Shirtoid have some really awesome t-shirt designs on their site.

I love the style of this t-shirt, just has to include it. There’s also an antiqued brass button on the back to do it up, it’s such a lovely idea for such a basic piece of clothing.

Okay, not strictly a t-shirt so much as a bag but I love it so much! Only thing better than this would be a steampunk Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie bag in the same style.