I’ve been so busy this week with NaNo and… being tired… *cough* that at one point I was worried I wouldn’t be able to keep up with this week’s chapters and that would just not do. Thankfully, I did. Who would have known writing takes up so much time? And… being tired… It’s an important part of my day, okay? The trouble is, by the time I come to the end of the chapters I don’t want to put it down! But I have other books to read.

Discussion Questions for Chapters 7 – 12

1.  The end of chapter 6 gives us a sense that something bad is going to happen between Rob, the truck driver, and Amaliya.  What are your thoughts on what actually happened between Rob and Amaliya in Chapter 7?  Do you think it could have been avoided?  Why or why not?

When she was told that her boyfriend had already paid for her room, surely alarm bells should have rung. But at the same time, she’d had such an insanely horrid time the past few days that Rob coming across as a nice guy and saying that she needed her own room to be respectful to her father probably would have been enough to make her think she was safe. We’ll call it wishful thinking or something. And once it happened, no. She’s a vampire, a predator. Her instincts kicked in and that was that. I mean ideally you’d like to think she gave him a bit of a beating, knocked him unconscious, kicked him hard in the balls and ran rather than leaving a trail of blood behind her but it’s not that simple. Also, can I just say? *SHUDDER*

2. Chapter 8 introduces us to some new characters, Cian and Roberto. Ashley asked us earlier whether we thought the man who created Amaliya was friend or foe. After listening to Cian and Roberto talk, has your opinion about the professor changed?  How?  Do you think Cian and Roberto would be Amaliya’s allies or enemies?

I love Cian (and thank god we were told how to pronounce that, I was going through my head, “Cyan, Sharn, Keeann..” before it was pointed out as “Key-an”). Jus’ sayin’. My opinion has only shifted further into the ‘foe’ category after hearing what they have to say. Of course it’s not always quite that simple but they do seem to be good guys, that is how they have been portrayed. The professor is coming across as more and more of a psycho. In honesty, I think they’ll begin by hunting her down, she’ll probably have to run but then something will happen and they’ll realise that she’s not as insane as they think and become allies. Perhaps. That’s my estimation anyway.

3. There seems to be a growing divide between Amaliya’s humanity and her actions as a vampire.  Do you think this would be “normal” for a new vampire, or do you think it is not a “clean transformation” as Cian stated in Chapter 8?

See, I don’t know. I’ve been noticing how she is developing and she seems to be doing pretty okay for herself. She’s learning how to survive, though she hasn’t learnt how to take blood without killing and raising suspicion just yet, which is clearly a problem that other vampires don’t tend to deal with. Her humanity shows, but it’s slowly being blotted out and that becomes very clear when we see her with her family. Though she still cares and they seem to, and that made me smile by the way, she isn’t one of them. She can’t eat the food she used to love so much, she cries blood, she can’t go near the religious paraphernalia in the house, she is an outsider now. It seems to me that her humanity is merging with her vampirism and that this is just the normal process to becoming something else.

4. Amaliya seems to be running primarily on vampire instinct.  After reading chapter 10, specifically the beginning, do you think vampires can overcome their instincts and be good — or at least, not deadly?

It’s kind of hard to say at this point. I think that if they’re able to satiate themselves regularly without killing and without causing much harm then yes, they can be ‘good’ or well ‘not deadly’. But I would imagine that if they went too long without blood then their instincts would surely take over. I’m not sure though, we haven’t really seen the hunger taken that far yet though.. perhaps Pete was a clue? Even when Amaliya was famished she still didn’t kill Pete. Perhaps it is possible.

5. In Chapter 11, we finally learn more about the Summoner and Cian.  How do you think this information will impact the rest of the story?  What do you think will happen?

So much speculation! I like to read a story, watch a tv show, watch a movie, whatever without thinking too deeply about the ending. Many a Doctor Who has been spoiled for me even just with accurate speculation! But anyway, clearly there will be some kind of showdown.. *Hannah dream sequence* Amaliya eats Samantha and gets with Cian and together, along with whatever the heck Roberto is (he’s clearly something, but obviously not vampire), they fight against The Summoner and his army of the putrid undead.. along with some twists that I could never expect because Rhiannon Frater is proving to be awesome and I never see twists coming unless they’re shoved in my face. I hope she eats Samantha anyway 😉 I did say dream sequence.

6. The Summoner thinks that Amaliya has had good luck thus far.  Amaliya thinks she has had lousy luck.  With whom do you agree?

Both. I did chuckle a little at that actually. I think that Amaliya has done very well to keep herself safe though she DOES need to catch a break, that’s not necessarily related to luck.