Last week! It’s been great getting to know a few of you, have added a few new blogs to my reader. It’s been a lot of fun and thanks to Rhiannon for a great read! 🙂 Also, I should have a review up in the week *touch wood*. This week Missy is hosting the linky.

1. Amaliya states to Cian that he has changed since she first meet him only a few days prior. Do you agree with her? Why or why not? Has your impression of Cian changed? If so, how? (Chapter 19)

No, but only because I have the benefit of seeing things through Cian’s and Roberto’s eyes and she doesn’t. To her, yes, he’s different in some ways, but from their perspectives he’s perhaps becoming more like his old self but with more purpose to his life. Perhaps more like the vampiric version of his mortal self? This is the first time he’s been able to be himself whilst not having the Summoner after him, as such, and also having somebody to care about.

2. When Grandmama doesn’t hear from Amaliya for a couple of days, she decides to grab Sergio and head over to Austin because she’s worried. Later, she and Serigo meet up with Jeff and Sam for the first time and they squabble about who is at fault for the mess Cian and Amaliya are in. Which side are you on? Do you think either side are right in their assumptions? (Chapter 20)

 I’m on the guy’s side! Jeff’s in particular but then again he has the benefit of not being involved with either Cian or Amaliya. The beauty of objectivity. I found Sam a little too harsh, especially in front of Amaliya’s grandmother.. but I understood where she was coming from. By this point she had grown on me as a character. Just wish she could have bitten her tongue a little, had a little tact.. but hey ho, more fun this way. Both her and Grandmama were wrong in their own ways to act the way they did.

3. After the Summoner forces Amaliya into a gruesome fight for her life against two hideous creatures, he tells her that he doesn’t know if he should kill her because she could be a potential threat, or if he should keep her so he could use her abilities. At this point, what do you think of this development? (Chapter 21)

 Oh my god oh my god I hated this bit. Those creatures were like something out of Dead Space and gawd when Dan was playing that I was almost sick. So. Disgusting. Anyway. I thought that he clearly wanted to use her for his own gain and at some points I even thought that might have been a wise idea on her part (but hurray it wasn’t necessary), but he put in the idea of killing her to make her afraid. If he only gave her the choice of being his little pet then she wouldn’t be quite as afraid of him.

4. Doooood! Grandmama is a machete wielding zombie killer! If you were a Supernatural Hunter, what kind would you be and why? (Chapter 22)

 Hahahaha! Innocente is AMAZING. Seriously. LOVE HER. If I was a Supernatural Hunter? A nice razor sharp rapier in one hand and a shiny handgun with those exploding bullets in the other. Gotta be prepared for anything. Ran out of exploding bullets? No worries, slice em up!

5. What did you think of the final showdown between The Summoner and Amaliya? Were you surprised to find out how her ability worked? (Chapter 23)

 No, I wasn’t surprised. I worked out that she needed to use her blood to effectively use her power when she sprayed the dead in the motel when she was wearing that stupid frilly dress. And when I worked it out I.. still wasn’t surprised because it made sense. It all slotted nicely into place. Plus, Grandmama is BADASS, no? And gogo Amaliya!

6. Where you satisfied with the way things ended in Pretty When She Dies? What was your favorite part of the story? What do you think is coming up next for Amaliya and Cian? Do you have any hopes or expectations that you want to see in the sequel,Pretty When She Kills?

 Yes I was satisfied. It was a nice sweet ending and it had a decent amount of finality to it. Though I’ll be honest, I didn’t enjoy these last few chapters as much as the rest of the book, but Grandmama more than made up for that!

My favourite part.. hmm.. I’m not sure. It was pretty nice when Amaliya visited her Grandma and cousin and they didn’t kick her out but instead showed they still cared. After everything she’d been through so far, it was really nice to see she had some decent family behind her. I also liked when her and Cian did it for the first time, and when Roberto died (maha, little bitch), and when Grandmama saved the day.

As for what’s coming next, well, we’ve been all set up for a showdown between vampires in the other cities, particularly the New Orleans guy so I suspect the next instalment will be a kind of territory war and I hope to see Jeff’s organisation remain on their side helping them. It’s kinda cool to see them all working together.

7. Who’s would you cast to play the main characters in Pretty When She Dies? Show us with pictures!

I am SO bad at these kinds of questions… *sob* This is all you’re getting, okay? I’m certain about my Summoner, and well.. would need to remove the Buffy references for my Amaliya but I reckon these would fit pretty well. I did have a think about Jeff (who I pictured in my head as Wesley after all the Giles references), Sam, Grandmama, Sergio, Roberto… but I drew a blank.

Okay so for Amaliya how about Eliza Dushku?

And Cian needs to be kinda Celtic looking I spose, I wasn’t sure about this one but I suspect he could be a great Cian. Gerard Butler.

And the Summoner. I was flailing about trying to think of somebody and then I turned to the boyfriend, “Who could play a twisted psychopath who enjoys playing head games because he’s bored?” And you know, I think he was spot on when he immediately replied, “John Simm.” Yes. Yes yes yes. He may not quite have the look I have in my mind but he would be perfect for the role!