Hopefully you like Christmas more than this cat does

As I have mentioned, probably a lot, I shall be moving soon. Probably next week sometime, and thus I would HUGELY appreciate any guest posts as I don’t want my blog to go without content for too long! I would appreciate posts to be ready by the 11th if that’s okay, so that I can schedule them and not miss anything that you may have put time into that I’ve missed due to not having chance to check my emails. If you are willing to help me out with a little something, anything at all, I will seriously love you to bits and if there’s a topic or some such I could write on I can always return the favour at a later date if you like.

I would particularly like posts on epic fantasy, fairy tale, urban fantasy, and zombie ‘must reads’. These would be separate posts so if you think you could do a good job on one of those genres then that would be wonderful. I’d love to see books that started the genre’s craze, the best books, and currently popular books in these posts. You can be a book blogger, author, or just a reader, I really don’t mind but you will be credited and loved.

If you’d like to do something Christmassy then that would also be awesome. I’m thinking about doing a little snippet of how my NaNo’s characters spend Christmas, and perhaps a couple of posts about my Christmas playlist and favourite movies.

Honestly, anything at all that you may have to spare would be welcome so please do get in touch if you’d be willing to help out! I will seriously love you for it.

Right between my birthday and Christmas – what a great time to move, hey?