I always find Christmas Eve the most boring day of the year. It feels like a Sunday quadrupled as everybody else is busy “preparing” and I’m left on my own to watch Christmas Eve TV. Over the years I’ve come to discover a few movies that I like watching around Christmas time.

The Polar Express

I watched this one for the first time last Christmas when neither of the men in the house would give me any idea on what they wanted to watch so I took control and watched kid’s Christmas films. Whilst the animated children were a little bit creepy I loved the story of the boy who got a ticket to go on the Polar Express to go and see Santa and everything that happened along the way. It was wonderful and Tom Hanks did a great job with the voices. I actually found a DvD copy in the charity shop a couple of months ago so I snapped that up for future Christmas watching.

Nightmare Before Christmas

This is actually one of my alltime favourite movies. I love the entire atmosphere of it, the art, and I adore the music. I love Zero the ghost dog, and What’s This? And I can’t go a year without watching it!


Oh god how did I discover this movie? I can’t even remember now, I just know I ended up watching it one year and absolutely fell in love. It’s about two people who meet one Christmas and determine that if it’s meant to be, it will be. However they go their separate ways for a few years and continue thinking about each other and it’s all very Christmassy and nice. Definitely a chick flick, but I love it.

Love Actually

Ohhh Richard Curtis movies featuring Hugh Grant and Colin Firth! You make the world a better place. Love Actually is another of my favourite films. It’s funny, it’s heartwarming, it’s sad, and very Christmassy. If you haven’t seen it I demand you do. It’s very clever and such a great movie to sit and watch. Plus Hugh Grant dancing to Jump… yeah, not to be missed.

Muppet Christmas Carol

Do you ever actually outgrow the Muppets? I’d love to know because I certainly haven’t. I love Michael Caine’s Scrooge, I love the music and it’s just such a nice cheerful adaptation of the old classic! And at Christmas, cheer is what you want.


Not one I immediately remember as a Christmas movie but that it is. Who doesn’t love Gizmo? I always, always miss this one when it’s on TV but I can guarantee that if I did have it on DvD I’d watch it every year, I just love its 80’s campness and how bloody adorable Gizmo is! Plus in the second movie, he drives a freaking toy car!


Okay so I still haven’t read Hogfather… or watched it all the way through in fact… but I love these Sky One Discworld adaptations! And I do have this one on DvD so you can guarantee this will be bumped up in my Christmas ‘must watch’ queue. They just capture the essence of Pratchett’s Discworld so well, I love them.

What are your favourite Christmas movies? Or anything else for that matter? Are you the kind of person who gathers up Christmas specials and watches them all at once? I always wanted to do that!