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Well see I received Waking Nightmares by Christopher Golden for review assuming it was something new but silly me strikes again, it’s the 5th in a fairly old series. So I suppose, though they’re £7 each and I’m not sure I can afford that, but I would quite like the few that come before it! I loved his Buffy tie-in books as a kid so I have high hopes for his original fiction.

Shadow Saga #1-4 by Christopher Golden

Blurb for book one, Of Saints and Shadows:

SAINTS (n.) Highly virtuous people, dedicated to holy pursuits. Like Father Mulkerrin, a man devoted to the total elimination of a hidden race of beings…

SHADOWS (n.) Creatures of the night, who defy the mortal laws of life and death. Like Peter Octavian, a vampire on an epic crusade to save his people from mass destruction…

The war between the humans and vampires has begun—a worldwide battle that will separate the true saints from the sinners.

Of Saints and Shadows is a brilliantly original saga that takes you into the secret world of vampires—and a secret society sworn to destroy them. Sweeping, sensuous and shocking, it is a powerfull vision of immortality that will hold you in its spell…forever.

And my love of chick lit has been rekindled this week after my reading of Miracle on Regent Street and I hear this one is a pretty good read.

One Minute to Midnight by Amy Silver

For many years, beginning when she was thirteen, Nicole Blake spent every new year with her three friends: Julian, her first love, Alex, her best friend, and Aidan, her obsession. Together the four had partied hard, suppported each other, and fallen in love. But then tragedy and betrayal tore the friends apart, and Nicole settled down to married life with Dom in London. But in the week running up to New Year’s Eve 2011, Nicole and Dom are preparing for a trip to New York to meet up with Aidan and Alex for the first time in years. But with so much left unsaid and unresolved between them all, can they really return to their old friendship? And if they do, Nicole isn’t sure she’ll ever want to come home again.