Patch 4.3 couldn’t have come at a better time. With NaNoWriMo over and done with on Tuesday and my most recent book review written and published (that’s important because it took me a few hours to get right), I logged into my Priest happily to play around with void storage and do a few of the new 5 mans with the manface. Aren’t they great? While I was waiting, I got myself a Glyph of Shadow, which is awesome, and played around on my new horse. I was accused in guild of liking boys because I like the Tyrael’s Charger but I of course slapped that down with a great big, “Yes, I do like boys, and why does it matter?” And then continued to enjoy my pony.

The new instances gave me a distinctly familiar feeling. I’m awful at remembering the names because it has been so many months, but the first instance reminded me of one of the mid-level instances in Rift, the last part reminded me of the desert zone, and the third one reminded me of one of the later Rift instances. No, not being all, “They clearly copied Rift!” Just an observation. I loved them. They’re new content with new gear and the storyline is interesting. What’s not to love? Plus that second one has really made me appreciate Night Elf Shadow Priests…

And something seems a little off about Tyrande…

And how could I not include this one? Possibly my favourite of the new bosses and it looks freaking cool.

We did a few with the same Rogue and healer who we met in a pug and were both competent and friendly and that’s a pretty rare event. It’s always nice when you do get those kinds of pugs. I may have awwwed a little when the healer left with, “Nice to meet you.” I thought that was a little adorable.

I got myself a new wand, finally netting myself Cataclysmically Epic after a year.. though it did put my achievement points back into the 5s! And my first pair of dropped non-blue shoulders, and a helm, 2 rings, an offhand, and the tier 12 chest, getting me upto 369 ilvl from 361. I’ll be good for the raid finder in no time! Then today I picked up the staff from the last instance so I can finally use Anathema *squee* (and knock my ilvl upto 370 but that’s less important, right?). *strokes the pretty*

After, we ran through Black Temple with a friend and another guildy (the non-douchey variety, hooray), not only did I gain about 1,000 gold from that run but it was fun. We just finished a little later than hoped but oh well. I transmogged my gear fully and went off to bed.

I am absolutely in love with this set. I never got the chance to wear tier 4 when it was current because I was a Tailoring Shadow Priest *grumbles* and for those of you who weren’t around in Burning Crusade, the Shadoweave set (shoulders, chest, and boots) you made with tailoring was best in slot until tier 6. Obviously that’s just the shoulders but I do also have the robe in void storage.

How are you enjoying the new content? Or are you perhaps disappointed thus far?