Bout of Books

Hello! Welcome to Once Upon A Time and day one of Bout of Books 3.0! I figure a lot of you are new to my blog so do feel free to follow me any way you’re most comfortable with. I don’t bite. Okay, maybe sometimes but not hard. Aanyway..

My challenge is to show us your TBR pile. This can be what you aim to read during Bout of Books, or it can be your current TBR pile. You can take a picture, you can record a little video.. whatever you want. And if you don’t have access to a camera, though a picture would be preferable, you can use the book cover images. I don’t want to leave anybody out here. Link it up on your blog or on twitter or wherever you happen to be updating and then plonk it in the form below. When you’ve done that, hop! I want you to visit as many blogs as you possibly can and comment. Follow new blogs, talk to new people, and join in, because at the end of the day, that is the spirit of Bout of Books. Have a look around for somebody who has a book also in your TBR pile and if you can’t find anybody, you can look for a book which is quite high up on your wishlist.

I will start us off with my TBR pile. My Bout of Books TBR is actually quite small so I’m going with my immediate TBR pile.

Leave a comment if any of these are also in yours! Now go and have fun and leave your TBR entries below. Or I might have to bite you.

And once you’ve done that, make sure you check back to the Bout of Books site for today’s giveaway. Happy reading!