Bout of Books

Taking a look back on my week, I believe that, despite bumping into a reading slump at the end of the week, I have met my goals for the first time. I wanted to finish reading Touch of Power by Maria V. Snyder in time for the blog tour I was a part of on Wednesday and then finish Never Mind The Botox: Rachel to review this week and start on a new book, which I did. Whilst I didn’t hop around as much as I would have liked, I did join in with the Twitter chat on Friday and followed a few new folk through that who all seem pretty awesome, so I did meet other bloggers. I call this Bout of Books a win. 🙂

You can see all of my updates here and now I’m going to go and get myself out of this slump. Sadly, don’t have time to read non-review books just yet but Magic to the Bone is so far (6 pages in, woot?) pretty good. I’m getting a ‘Women of the Otherworld’ kind of vibe from it so I’m pretty positive I’m going to love it.

How did you guys do? Going to join in next time? You should, you know. Follow the Bout of Books blog for any further information and to help out Amanda. Seriously, she will love you for it. Answer the polls and such for proverbial cookies.

Happy reading!