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This week is looking just a little more normal, thank gods! I did get a loverly PPB from Amanda this week but I can’t be arsed to work out spoiler tags and .. err.. it kinda needs them! Ha.


Really really really want to read the Kalayna Price series but I don’t own Grave Witch and am pretty much completely skint now. Sadface. But, hopefully, I shall get my hands on it soon *touch wood* and have these read and reviewed! Rogue was the last one I bought with birthday money and it just arrived a little late but looking forward to that series as well and the other two I won and was absolutely over the moon when I heard! Both are books I’ve had my book-obsessed eyes on for a while and I can’t wait!


  • Alias Dragonfly by Jane Singer | Goodreads
  • The Darkening Dream by Andy Gavin | Goodreads

I received the email from Andy Gavin on Friday, I believe, and I was all set to tell him about how I’d love to, really, but I just don’t have time but then I saw the cover and read the blurb and the description and and.. I broke okay? It sounds like an amazing read and I should hopefully have my review up very soon. Perhaps in a couple of weeks time.

Something Else

I know this is a book blog and most of you won’t care but I’m really excited about this one. It came with a redemption code for the first game as well which I actually started playing last night when I wasn’t in the mood to read and so far I’m loving it. £13 for a PS3 game isn’t bad either. I just adore these kinds of dark, gothic type things whether they’re books, games, movies.. I’m a real sucker for them.

What did you get this week?