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  • Grave Witch by Kalayna Price | Goodreads
  • The Last Four Things by Paul Hoffman | Goodreads

Both review copies. Both made me squee a little. Grave Witch, of course, I wanted to get hold of. I received Grave Dance a couple of weeks ago and it sounds like a brilliant series so I can read and review those now when I’m ready to. The Last Four Things is part two in a series but for once I actually have book one on my shelf! Currently unread, but I had picked it up in the charity shop months ago. I think it’s a kind of dystopian epic fantasy series?


  • Nightwalker  by Jocelynn Drake | Goodreads

Okay so first off, I bought one this week! I saw that Nightwalker was on sale but only for a few more hours. It sounded decent and I had a couple of quid in my bank account so for 99p I snatched it up. Edit: Apparently it’s still 99p! Shoo, go get!

..and the freebies:

  • Fateful by Cheri Schmidt | Goodreads
  • Winter’s Awakening by Karen Luellen | Goodreads
  • Lunar Light by Penelope Fletcher | Goodreads
  • Somber Island by T. Lynne Tolles | Goodreads
  • Broken by Susan J. Bigelow | Goodreads
  • Blood Wager by Connie Suttle | Goodreads
  • All Hallows’ Moon by S.M. Reine | Goodreads
  • Silver Smoke by Monica Leonelle | Goodreads
  • Shimmerspell by Kimberly Spencer | Goodreads
  • Moon Spell by Samantha Young | Goodreads
  • The Mind Readers by Lori Brighton | Goodreads
  • Somebody Tell Aunt Tillie She’s Dead by Christiana Miller | Goodreads

I keep my eye out for interesting sounding freebies, partly because they’re free, yay, and partly for the ‘Why Buy The Cow?‘ reading challenge. I must say, I’m building up a decent collection of free Kindle books now, and this week picked up a massive stash of them. Some I heard about through blog posts or Twitter, but most I heard about through Free Kindle UK, a new Facebook page that lists free Kindle books available in the UK, and also Kindle Nation Daily which I only discovered this past week. It’s well worth bookmarking them both and checking daily because occasionally a book will be available for just a day or two and you don’t want to miss out.

What did you get this week?