So I finally signed up for PSN yesterday. It was actually the first time I’ve played on Dan’s PS3 since he got it in June but I’d bought Alice: Madness Returns for it with my Christmas money for £13 *squee* and I was in a bad mood so Dan suggested I play it. Well, you may or may not know that it comes with a redemption code for the original game, American McGee’s Alice so we downloaded and installed that one and I decided to give it a go. Oh my god those graphics are nostalgic! Ha. I didn’t get very far before getting stuck but it was fun. ((and god bless walkthroughs)) So here’s my ID which doesn’t fit in the sidebar.. I’d really like a different avatar but eh, not paying for one. If you want to friend me you’re welcome to just let me know who you are because I most likely won’t accept if we’re not friends already. Then you can see how terrible at console games I really am! 😀 Honestly, most of the games I’ll be playing aren’t on the PS3 but I don’t have an Xbox Live account and I won’t be getting one either.