Winter Mini-Readathon

I’m already very much running behind if I’m to read for a 12 hour block today (it’s 1pm now – oops), so this is just a very quick post to say that I thought I’d give this read-a-thon a go! I need to catch up on some reading, well, I always do, let’s be fair, and it’s always fun to get to know other bloggers. Wish me luck!


1. Tell everyone three random things about yourself:

– I like to pretend my cuddly toys have personalities
– I love the smell of incense
– I really hate crab

2. Is this your first readathon?

No, it’ll be my 4th. I always join in with Bout of Books because they’re so fun and social and no pressure. 🙂

3. Do you have any specific goals for today? (# of books or pages to read?)

Just read as much as I’m able and hopefully get to know new bloggers *fingers crossed*

4. Do you have any specific snacks, drinks, or books planned?

I always have a glass of Pepsi Max and I’m currently reading The Hunger Games and Magic in the Blood.

5. What hours do you plan on reading during?

As many as I can. I won’t make it to 12 because I started late and had a bit of interruption but I’m avoiding gaming today which usually distracts me for way too long.


My Wordle – an image of the words I am associating with this read-a-thon. Things I’m reading, things I have eaten, where I’m sitting.. that kind of thing. You can play around with the appearance, it’s quite fun, but this one is mine.