Yeah I’m hugely excited for Guild Wars 2 and I guess some of you will see that as me being a part of the so-called “hype”. Sorry, but I’ve been waiting for this game since I quit WoW in February 2011 over a year ago and so yeah, I’m pretty damn excited. And as such you can expect a few posts around here about the game as I’m not limiting myself on the Menagerie to just posts about WoW anymore, I decided that a long time ago I just hadn’t really played anything else recently. If you’re interested in Guild Wars please do follow me. I have signed up for the beta (*touch wood*) and I’m hoping to read the books which I’ll most likely review here rather than my book blog as my book blog readers most likely won’t be interested in those. I’m hoping to blog a little about my thoughts and adventures in the game and I will still be playing WoW as well so there’ll hopefully be a mix. Ideally, I’d like this to be an MMO blog rather than a WoW blog it just depends on time and money constraints as I am primarily a reader and book blogger still.

I’m just trying to work out which race/profession combination to go for. I usually go for a red haired human Magey character, so that would be a Norn Elementalist I believe? But there are so many cool looking races and professions (classes), including Ranger, Mesmer, Necromancer… And will I enjoy the PvP or will I prefer PvE or perhaps a healthy mix of both? Will I have time to play a little Guild Wars before the release with everything else going on? There’s so much to work out and look forward to, I can’t wait.

And if you haven’t heard much about Guild Wars 2, though I imagine by now you will have, here are a couple of videos that initially garnered my interest: