So. About my sidebar? I have 2 Death Knights and I love them both equally. People always look at me funny and call me a weirdo when I tell them that I have 2 Death Knights. “But how could you play such a subpar class? TWICE?!” Psh! Let me tell you a little story.

Once upon a time, there was a girl who played WoW. For realz. She had played a Shadow Priest for much of her known life and her mana battery ways were loved throughout the guilds. But Ulduar called and her guild worked her hard. Too hard. She had to raid daily for more hours than she could bear and after a while she cried, “Enough!” And she just walked away. The guild were distraught but it had to be done, for she had a calling elsewhere. A Dragon of Soup whom had been recalled by Arthas himself needed her and thus she picked up this purple haired Night Elf and rode into the depths of Hellfire Peninsula whereupon she immediately fell in love. It wasn’t easy. The girl wasn’t much for melee, but she found her calling in Unholy and the commoners cried for her deeps. She played this Soupdragon long and hard and it wasn’t until another guild called for her Huntering ways that she had to put the purple haired Night Elf, who had by now regained some of her former glory, to one side. But she never forgot her, or the little piggy that followed her around. She came back to her every now and then to give her little gifts. A mount. A title. Some shiny new armour.

The months passed. Deathwing broke free and the girl realised that Soupdragon‘s glory could help nobody now and thus she picked up the small white haired Blood Elf, Kalithe, to help her friends. Here she found her calling in Frost and together they swept the bad guys to one side and learned the ropes well. While the girl still had her Shadow Priest and her Hunter to worry about, she knew where her heart really lay, and she rode out with Kalithe whenever she was able, proclaiming that she had two mains! Yes. Two. They worked well together and the girl grew fond of the white haired Blood Elf and her high damaging ways.

However, in a distant land, her friends cried for help, and a Blood Elf just wasn’t going to cut it. All she could do was bring the Dragon of Soup from her slumber to once again own some face. She picked up a large sword and gave her back her Unholy personality, but this time, nobody was being abandoned. The girl had two Death Knights and she didn’t care who knew about it. For Death Knight is clearly the superior class.