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A gift, a review copy, and a swap! A huge thank you to Angelya for Everneath! After a massive struggle with’s international Kindle book system, she sent a copy over through The Book Depository. *whispers* Look how pretty.. I’d read it right now if I didn’t have a huge pile to get through, but I don’t think I can hold off too long, it sounds wonderful.

Toxic Treacle I was a bit iffy about. It looks and sounds very much like a middle grade which is not my thing at all but I have been reassured that it’s an older teen novel that explores some pretty dark issues in a Handmaid’s Tale-esque dystopian world. I shall do my level best to ignore names like ‘Monkey’ and ‘Tragic’ and read it soon, as it does sound pretty good.

Marked I swapped through the UK Swap group on Goodreads with Michelle for my old copy of Practical Magic. Yet another series I haven’t even looked at yet and perhaps would have written off about a year or two ago as “yet another teen vampire series”. It probably is, but I’ll probably like it. Looking forward to finally starting it. I’ve heard very mixed reviews but eh!



  • The Forever Girl by Rebecca Hamilton | Goodreads
Won from Twitter from Noree and sent by the author. It sounds like a damn good read and they’re calling it ‘new adult’.. young adult fiction for new adults. I’ll give it a read when I get chance to!

  • Bound by Kira Saito | Goodreads
  • The Magic Touch by Dara England | Goodreads
  • Dark Earth by Jason Halstead | Goodreads
  • Birthrights by Christine M. Butler | Goodreads
  • Night of Wolves by David Dalglish | Goodreads
  • The Trouble With Spells by Lacey Weatherford | Goodreads
  • The Frog Prince by Elle Lothlorien | Goodreads
  • Skeleton Lake by Angela Kulig | Goodreads

Notable freebies this week: Bound, The Trouble With Spells, Skeleton Lake (free on Smashwords), Vamplayers, Captivated, Post-Human. Some interesting titles! A few paranormals. I’ve heard great things about Skeleton Lake and Rusty Fischer, author of Vamplayers, from The Bookish Brunette, Captivated sounds very very awesome as does Post-Human, an interesting sounding cyberpunk. I’ll try to tone down my freebies after this week, I now have about 80-90 in the freebies folder on my Kindle. Good job I joined Why Buy the Cow? I shall be getting busy sometime this year!