I’m weak, okay? I talked myself out of taking part in a handful of challenges but I kind of want to track my progress with these ones.

Chick Lit Reading Challenge

I have mentioned a fair bit that I wanted to take part in a chick lit reading challenge but this was the only one I could find and I highly doubted I’d manage 12 books in one year, which is the minimum requirement, or if I’d manage 2 debut chick lit authors, which is also a requirement. I considered starting my own more lenient chick lit challenge but then I though hey wait a second.. I can challenge myself to read 12 chick lit books and not finish it if I’m not able to, at least I tried and I like updating the little bars in my sidebar when I finish reading something. ((yes, I am weird))  You never know, I might make it and I’ve already read one so let’s see how it goes.

Soul Screamers Reading Challenge

Technically I found this reading challenge when Rachel Vincent retweeted it but I’d decided I’ve entered into enough challenges. However… Kelly put her foot down when I mentioned that I wasn’t participating but would be reading the books as I do have 1-4 and honestly.. yeah okay. So I challenge myself to read Soul Screamers 1-5 and if I’m able to get my hands on them, I’ll try for the short stories too but no promises there. But the main series itself – it’s on!

Witches & Witchcraft Reading Challenge

This one I had decided against and later changed my mind. I love Witchy stories. Love them. And there are plenty on my bookshelf and on my Kindle to get me through this challenge!

I’m going to go for the Initiate level, to read 1-5 books. We’ll call it 5 for the sake of my sidebar trackers! I may up it later but I don’t want to put too much pressure on myself in the meantime. Hopefully I read 5 relevant books throughout the year regardless.

Dragons and Unicorns Fantasy Reading Challenge

I seem to recall another fantasy reading challenge. Not the MG/YA one, but a more generic one, however I couldn’t find it and this one expects of you what it is I was looking for so that’s cool. I’d like to go for 6 books but the choices are 4 or 8 so.. I’ll go for the Unicorn level to read 4 fantasy novels. I’d like to say I’ll get through a bunch of epic series but I just don’t know at this point, it’s not likely or unlikely.

And so I shall have to up my ‘Reading Challenge Addict’ level to 17 reading challenges. *gulp* This should be all now! Or is that 18? I can’t remember whether I included my Goodreads ‘read 50 books’ challenge in that initially. I have a problem.