Oh you guys are mean. Like.. I was about to go read and then you all had to come up with this meme that lets me show off some of those old screenies of my Priest that I was looking through the other day? Think I could just walk away from that? Well.. I blame Vid. Jus’ sayin’.

So, Seithir. She’s not my first character.. my first character would have been much more interesting, actually, considering the race change, but Seithir is definitely my longest running character, and has been my main for the longest amount of time of any character.


Yeah. I did a lot of Aldor bank afking in TBC.

Oh who left that there?! That’s not me with that Gnome that’s.. err.. yeah okay, me and Imnotshort may have had a short stint. But it really meant something, guys! And don’t tell him but he was, in fact, rather short.

So, the earliest known screenshot I have of Seithir is thus:

This must have been around level 20ish, looking at my gear. RFC robe, shoulders (zomg), and the staff from the end group quest in Ghostlands. What I’m doing in The Barrens remains to be seen but I’m sure I was quite smitten with my new main actually having flesh on her elbows.

And at level 70:

She looked liked that for a large part of TBC until she finally got the full BT/Hyjal set, of which I can’t find a screenshot of her wearing, oddly enough, but I did always like this screenshot of me in my healing gear and Lew (the friend who hosts my blogs) playing around with Holy Nova.

And you really want to see my TBC UI? Are you sure? *cringe* My UI is constantly undergoing change. Even back then. But here’s an action shot from a BT run…

The worst part? I didn’t see what the problem was!! At least my bars had the right spells on them I guess. But why I had 2 raid frames is beyond me. I guess I hadn’t discovered Clique yet.


This is the best screenshot from Wrath that I could find of my Priest.. hmm..

But here is my UI:

At least I understood it was messy this time, but I was cool with it! I kind of miss those profile bars. They looked cool.

And just for funsies:

Oh Steve, I miss you. ((Steve is the rhino.))


We all know that I have played WoW a lot less in Cataclysm and calmed down a lot but I’m still going, and looking back on these screenshots has only reminded me of why I loved this game. It has always been the people, and once you remove the people and replace them with people who could quite happily called trade chat their guild.. well it takes all of the fun out of it. So I play a lot more casually these days and here is my Priest currently.

Transmog has changed a lot for me. I’m so much more comfortable playing around with different pieces of gear. As you can see in the picture from TBC, I was a Tailor and that gear was irreplaceable until Tier 6. I didn’t get to run around in Tier 4 because it just wasn’t good and Tier 5 was hard to get, so I’m finally using the Tier 4 I’ve always loved and that gorgeous halo. I do have further ideas for this set, but you shall have to watch this space for that!

And my UI currently.. this is the best in combat screenshot I could find. I wish I had better but apparently I don’t screenshot my UI so much these days. I do use Quartz though and I’ve lessened how much Forte shows once again. I’ve always liked having the information I need in front of me, which is why my action bars are always full.

Well I think we can all agree that not as much love has gone into it as my Wrath UI but I REALLY hate designing my UI. REALLY. Spending the time on it makes me tear my hair out and when it goes wrong I just want to scream. Perhaps it’s reminiscent of how my love for the game has waned, or perhaps it just shows I’d rather put my time into playing. I couldn’t say, but that’s my ‘Then and Now’ for Seithir, who I didn’t play as much in Wrath as I thought I did. But I can assure you that she will always be the character that I am most attached to.

Whether I’m still playing in a year or not is beyond me, I might be, I might not be, but in retrospect, I don’t regret a single one of those days that I was playing. I thought I might when I eventually come to quit, but I’ve had some wonderful memories with this game and if I never played and took a chance, I wouldn’t be with my wonderful fiancé now who I have been with for over 4 years now. World of Warcraft will always mean a lot to me.