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They’re both so pretty! I love the UK cover for Crave and I should be a part of the blog tour for that one. And IOU was sent over to my dad but that came through this week.. along with another blogger’s address attached to a sticker. It went in the bin but at least I found a new blog to follow, haha.



  • The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo by Steig Larsson | Goodreads
Not sure if I’ll like this one as it’s so far out of my usual enjoyment spectrum but 20p. Nuff said.
For Review

  • The White Oak by Kim White | Goodreads (NetGalley)
  • As The World Dies: Untold Tales V1 by Rhiannon Frater | Goodreads (From Author)
  • As The World Dies: Untold Tales V2 by Rhiannon Frater | Goodreads (From Author)
Ohhh isn’t The White Oak gorgeous? And it sounds fantastic. I can’t wait to read that one and thanks to Rhiannon for sending the As The World Dies PDFs. That’s another tour I’ll be participating in and I can’t wait.

  • In The Dead: Volume 1 by Jesse Petersen | Goodreads
  • The Truth About Dragons: An Anti-Romance by Hazard Adams | Goodreads
  • Smoke and Magic by Patti Larsen | Goodreads
  • Wide Awake by Daniele Lanzarotta | Goodreads

I seem to be getting better with freebies! Look at my little pile of freebies. Lookie! In The Dead was free on Smashwords so I had to because Jesse Petersen is wonderful. The Truth About Dragons I was sold on after “When he happens on a working cassette tape recorder he’s delighted, as he loves telling a tale, almost as much as he loves collecting everything from magical balms to old bottles. Thanks to modern technology (well, modern by dragon standards) a dragon has finally gotten the chance to tell the world the dragon side of things.” Seriously? Win! The latter two just sound good. Yeah.

What did you get this week? Read any of these?