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I’m a little early with IMM this week because I’m working Sunday morning so I figured I may as well post it now. No harm in that! And a great week for me. 😀


Squee. Squee. Squee. Yet again! And Dark Parties is signed (see below)! I won that from Book Chick City and can’t wait to read it. *claps* Honestly.. I squeeled when all of these arrived this week, except for The Goddess Test which I already have on my shelf. I am entirely befuddled by this one! I didn’t order it, it didn’t come with a note or any hint towards who may have sent it, it just.. appeared! So I may have to swap that one soon. I love the UK cover for The Iron Duke and so so excited to have a copy and Burn Mark sounds absolutely awesome! Thank you to the publishers who sent these over this week!



  • Chosen By Sin by Virna DePaul | Goodreads
  • Night Marchers by Rebecca Gober & Courtney Nuckels  | Goodreads
  • Across The Galaxy by Heather Hildenbrand | Goodreads
  • Descended By Blood by Angeline Kace | Goodreads
  • Illumine Alivia Anders | Goodreads
  • Eternal Vows by Chrissy Peebles | Goodreads

Some really great freebies this week!! Chosen By Sin I grabbed because of both Kelly and Amanda and then realised it was book three. *mutters* But that’s a pretty yummy cover. I’ll have to get hold of the first two sometime. And Descended By Blood had me metaphorically bouncing around the flat with glee. I’ve wanted to get hold of a copy for soo long but never did because I didn’t know when I’d have time to read it but maybe now I might actually get around to it. Yay! The rest I hadn’t heard of previously but they sound great as well.

What did you get this week? Have you read any of these? Did anything pique your interest? I love to read your comments!